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fuel economy
local economy
market economy
national economy
political economy

Publications and example sentences

Seeking Alpha
· VV: Vanguard's Large Cap ETF Offers Exposure To New And Innovative Companies That You Don't Get In The S&P 500  
Are these companies the future of the economy?
Malay Mail
· ‘No shame in manual jobs for Singaporeans’: MPs call for rethink on essential services workers  
SINGAPORE, June 4 — With the Covid-19 pandemic putting a spotlight on the low value that society places on essential service workers, two Members of Parliament (MPs) called for the Government to restructure the economy in ways that could address this discrepancy.
Financial Express
· 5 top US indexes to track for global exposure  
And, for individual investors, there are a plethora of opportunities to gain from the vibrant US stocks and its economy.
Seeking Alpha
· Cardinal Health Is Wealth: A Mission-Critical Business On Sale  
However, the big 3 players have well-entrenched relationships with hospitals, health systems, and pharmacies, and I believe low margins actually serve as a defensive moat by helping to deter new entrants from entering the market due to the massive economies of scale required to make the business profitable.
The Independent
· Tottenham take out £175m loan to survive coronavirus crisis  
They are eligible for a Covid Corporate Financing Facility (CCFF), a government scheme set up for companies that have a “strong investment grade rating and make material contribution to the British economy”.
Seeking Alpha
· May The Farce Be With You  
As the markets declined, a number of these money managers exited their equity allocations and moved to cash based on the reasonable expectations that economic conditions were likely to get much worse and it was highly uncertain when the economy would recover anywhere close to previous levels.
The New York Times
· For the Deaf, Social Distancing Can Mean Social Isolation  
The pandemic has flipped life upside down across the United States, shuttering schools, hobbling the economy and costing millions of Americans their jobs.
· American Airlines and other carriers are adding summer flights as passengers slowly return  
People across the world's leading economies are becoming increasingly frustrated with how their governments are handling the coronavirus pandemic, a new survey shows.
The China Post
· Retailers look to boost sales, German car sales weak  
The outbreak of the coronavirus has dealt a shock to the global economy with unprecedented speed.
· For US economy, the bottom may be here, but the rebound is slow so far  
The U.S. economy may have hit its low point in the coronavirus crash but the rebound so far remains tepid, according to both broad indexes of activity and higher frequency counts of cellphone data and employee time information.