Effect trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

came into effect Có hiệu lực
no effect Không có tác dụng
side effect Tác dụng phụ
took effect Có hiệu lực
went into effect Có hiệu lực

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Seeking Alpha
· AT&T Highlights The Modern Problem With Income Investing  
This is why stocks generally fall on ex-dividend dates (an effect most notable in the case of large special dividends), even if market factors often obscure those movements.
Seeking Alpha
· 3 Reasons Treasury Rates Can Still Hit 0% (Part III)  
For these periods, it's instructive to break out the contributions to labor productivity growth from growth in labor composition (the quality of labor); capital intensity (the ratio of capital to hours worked); and MFP, a measure of the combined influences of technological change, higher efficiency, returns to scale, reallocation of resources, and other factors affecting economic growth, over and above the individual effects of capital and labor.
· N.J. landlord demanded sexual favors from low-income tenants for housing aid, feds say  
“Centanni asked her words to the effect of ‘how bad do you want your apartment?’ and took her to an empty storage room,” the complaint says.
The Guardian
· A new study shows more Americans are dropping acid. Why?  
Psychedelics, with their perceived pro-social effects, stirred feelings of togetherness, and provided a mental space for conceiving of some alternative.
Seeking Alpha
· Gold And Silver Miners Generate Huge Profit Margins  
Most of my forecasts made back then have turned out to be hugely conservative post the COVID-19 virus effect and it's nice to be right in my selections - even if the vast bulk of the price rises were stimulated by an unanticipated event and over a somewhat different timescale.
The Verge
· Scientists rename human genes to stop Microsoft Excel from misreading them as dates  
“We consulted the respective research communities to discuss the proposed updates, and we also notified researchers who had published on these genes specifically when the changes were being put into effect,” says Bruford.
· Princess Eugenie dubbed 'cringeworthy' after admitting to 'putting herself out there'  
The main issue surrounding plastics is that it emits methane, which contributes to the greenhouse effect.
The Guardian
· Another 1.18m Americans file for unemployment as benefits expire  
According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) the knock-on effect of removing that cash from the economy could be severe.
· Trump’s radical lawsuit against Nevada’s vote-by-mail law, explained  
Under a provision of Nevada law that took effect last January, mailed ballots will be counted if they are “received not more than 3 days after the day of the election and the date of the postmark cannot be determined.” (AB4 actually makes this provision marginally stricter, by requiring such ballots to arrive by 5 pm on the third day after the election.)
The Independent
· Why is Boris Johnson allowed to fail us so many times?  
Lebanon has long suffered the effects of foreign interference then abandonment, of ongoing war in the Middle East.