“Election” in the news

Example collocations

election was held
federal election
general election
parliamentary election
presidential election

Publications and example sentences

The New York Times
· Germany Wants E.U. to Sanction Head of Russian Military Intelligence  
Mr. Badin is a member of the hacker group known as APT 28, or Fancy Bear, the same group that targeted the Democratic Party during the United States presidential election campaign in 2016.
The Independent
· Trump's endorsement of candidates cost the Republicans 15 seats, research suggests  
Data suggests candidates without president's endorsement perform better in elections
The New York Times
· Graduating Online During the Coronavirus Crisis: ‘’I Can’t Bring Myself to Be Excited’  
Sometimes I wonder whether the class of 2020 was star-crossed from the start, starting college with President Trump’s election and graduating into the twin crises of a public health emergency and profound economic despair.
· Trump takes aim at Twitter employee amid crusade against company for fact check label  
Our election process will become badly tainted & a laughingstock all over the World.
The Guardian
· BBC swamped with complaints about Newsnight intro on Cummings  
Analysis by the Guardian at the end of last year suggested that more Conservative supporters complained en masse about the BBC’s news coverage during the 2019 general election than Labour supporters.
· IKEA manager in Poland charged for firing worker over anti-gay comments  
It made the issue a key battleground with the more liberal opposition before European elections last May and in a general election last October.
Seeking Alpha
· Target Hospitality Corp. (TH) CEO Brad Archer on Q1 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
Would it be best to be perhaps conservative in 2021 based on outcome of the U.S. election?
· The real goal of Trump's executive order: Pressure Twitter and Facebook to let him do whatever he wants  
And Trump gets to erode trust in elections with impunity.
· Twitter fact-checks Chinese official's claims that coronavirus originated in U.S.  
Trump, who has accused Twitter of election interference, has said he will sign an executive order on Thursday involving social media platforms.
The New York Times
· Playing by the Rules: Dutch Leader Offers a Sober Contrast in a Brash Era  
With parliamentary elections scheduled for next March, Mr. Rutte’s popularity and that of his party are at a peak, affording him the chance to claim a fourth, four-year term, which would make him one of the longest sitting political leaders of the Netherlands.