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eliminate all Устранить все
not eliminate Не устранить
order to eliminate Приказ устранить
reduce or eliminate Уменьшить или устранить

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The Guardian
· Jack Charlton obituary  
Italy in Rome in the quarter-final was expected to be a bridge too far, but Charlton had his men drinking Guinness while preparing for the game, and Ireland probably played their best game of the tournament, even though a goal by Toto Schillaci eliminated them.
The Age
· 'Cuffo, diesel, shoelaces': Toomua calls for end to slowing tactics  
Rebels leader Matt Toomua wants Super Rugby officials to take a harder line on play-slowing tactics at scrum time and make 'Super time' a first-try-wins scenario to eliminate boring kicking duels.
Sports Illustrated
· Recruiting Hot Board: Top Lists, Names to Watch + Decision Dates  
WR Malachi Bennett eliminated WVU from top list of schools.
Sports Illustrated
· How New Orleans got an NFL Team, by Mike Detillier - Part 3  
Maybe 5,000 seats at the most, and that section was eliminated immediately.
Sports Illustrated
· Saints Eyeing Up the Enemy: Kansas City Chiefs  
The Saints will also need to establish control up front to eliminate the Chiefs rushing attack and allow the defense to me more aggressive against the pass.
Washington Post
· Why do bats have so many viruses?  
Trying to eliminate such encounters by eliminating bats is not the answer.
Financial Express
· Vikas Dubey case: UP cop, suspended for alleged leaking of information to gangster, moves SC seeking protection  
The plea, filed through his wife Vinita Sirohi, apprehended that her husband Krishn Kumar Sharma may be eliminated through illegal and unconstitutional means.
The Japan Times
· Poland holds momentous, tight presidential election runoff  
In the first round, Duda got 43.5 percent and Trzaskowski 30.5 percent, but in the second round he is expected to get support from many voters who backed candidates who have now been eliminated.
Sports Illustrated
· Commodores Defense Has Room For Improvement in 2020  
The possibility exists for a conference-only schedule, eliminating all non-conference games, meaning Mercer, along with Colorado State, Louisiana Tech, and Kansas State would be removed from the schedule, leaving the Commodores to face the SEC opponents along with their regular west division rivals Ole Miss and Texas A&M.
Sports Illustrated
· Mountaineer Maven Stories of the Week  
The Big 10 Conference has decided to go to a conference-only schedule for the 2020 football season, which eliminates the West Virginia-Maryland game scheduled for September 19th at Mountaineer Field.