Haberlerde Eliminate

Örnek kollokasyonlar

eliminate all Hepsini ortadan kaldır
not eliminate Ortadan kaldırma
order to eliminate Ortadan kaldırmak için
reduce or eliminate Azaltmak veya ortadan kaldırmak

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The Independent
· Look beyond 'charismatic species' to fully tackle the wildlife trade, study finds  
“When considering the identity and ratio of the traded/non-traded species based on IUCN assessments, eliminating such bias, it emerges that wildlife trading affects a large number of plants, fungi, most major invertebrate groups, and both terrestrial and aquatic vertebrates.”
· Stocks under pressure as Trump vows to end violent protests  
In the trade dispute, sources in China said the government had told them to halt purchases of U.S. soybeans after Trump moved to eliminate special treatment for Hong Kong to punish Beijing over its new security laws for the city.
Malay Mail
· Dollar falls as optimism about economic recovery boosts risk sentiment  
The move comes after US President Donald Trump said on Friday he was directing his administration to begin the process of eliminating special treatment for Hong Kong, ranging from extradition treatment to export controls, in response to China’s plans to impose new security legislation in the territory.
The Guardian
· RAC hits out at 'truly shocking' lockdown speeding offences  
Cox, the Met’s lead for its Vision Zero initiative to eliminate deaths on the roads, said his team caught a driver doing 134mph in a 40mph zone in Enfield.
Malay Mail
· Pompeo says US considers welcoming Hong Kong people, entrepreneurs  
President Donald Trump on Friday ordered his administration to begin the process of eliminating special US treatment for Hong Kong to punish China for curbing freedoms there, but stopped short of immediately ending privileges that have helped the territory remain a global financial centre.
The Wall Street Journal
· CEOs and Big Businesses Speak out on Racism, Police Violence  
In an appearance on CNBC Monday, Merck & Co. chief executive Kenneth Frazier said business has the means to eliminate some of the inequities in society.
The Independent
· Killer Mike and T.I. sold out in Atlanta. Let's talk about why they did it  
Upon Dr King’s assassination, the Black Panther Party issued a statement which declared that “although officials on all levels of government give public praise to the man and his deeds, they are all too silent in pledging themselves to the concrete actions that are needed to deal with the evils in American society that Dr King dedicated his life to eliminating.”
The Independent
· Coronavirus: Hancock’s £13.4bn debt ‘write-off’ for NHS could cost hospitals millions every year  
It also eliminates valuable management time spent constantly applying for and managing the short-term loans and recognises that some organisations would be unlikely to pay back the loans however long the term.”
Seeking Alpha
· China buys U.S. soybeans despite order to stop purchases - Reuters  
Chinese firms bought at least three cargoes of U.S. soybeans (NYSEARCA:SOYB) today, even as the government had told them to halt purchases after the Trump administration said it would eliminate special treatment for Hong Kong, Reuters reports.
· How a New York Paramedic Finds Moments of Self-Expression on the Frontlines  
The crime rate and the anger and the hate that is going on in this world, that should all be considered and eliminated [after] having gone through this.”