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Örnek kollokasyonlar

elite badminton Seçkin badminton
elite group Seçkin grup
elite level Elit seviye
political elite Politik elit
ruling elite Yönetici elit kesim

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The Guardian
· Cologne v RB Leipzig: Bundesliga – live!  
Leipzig kick off here in fifth place, under pressure to book a return ticket for Europe’s elite competition.This could be another test of nerve, with Cologne safe in mid-table after a winter revival under new coach Markus Gisdol.  Copy example sentence
· Horse racing leads the way as elite sport returns to Britain  
Elite sport in Britain has been in a deep freeze since March but the government on Saturday approved the return of domestic competitive action behind closed doors from June 1.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· A steel-jacketed dose of perspective right up its elite pathway  
At least he’s honest about it, which puts him 1-0 up on plenty of others in a sport that urgently needs a steel-jacketed dose of perspective right up its elite pathway.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· As the George Floyd riots continue, let's be clear where the violence is coming from  
A dozen years ago, when I wrote a book about civil society response to urban disaster, I learned the term “elite panic”.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· The US is tearing itself apart because its political system has failed  
This was supposed to be about the time when China's dictatorship collapsed, to be replaced by a bright democratic dawn, according to the consensus of elite US opinion dating from the 1990s until very recently.  Copy example sentence
Malay Mail
· CMCO: FAM mulls quarantine-based training camps for Malaysian teams  
The rest of the athletes under the elite programme are expected to check in at MSN on June 8.  Copy example sentence
· Few tourists -- but no gladiators -- at Rome's Colosseum  
Last year, an average of 20,000 tourists visited the Colosseum daily on a combined ticket with the Imperial Forum -- the site of ancient Rome's government and religious temples -- and the Palatine Hill, where the city's elite built their villas, thrown in.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· UK lockdown: Can I see my friends and family in a private space under the new rules?  
These include attending a funeral; being an elite athlete or coach of an elite athlete in training; facilitating a house move; meeting for necessary work purposes; providing care for a vulnerable person; providing emergency assistance; to escape a risk of harm or providing childcare.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Piers Morgan says Dominic Cummings ‘single-handedly destroyed lockdown’  
Elite sports are also set to resume behind closed doors from 1 June, with football, tennis and horse racing to return to be shown on television shortly.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· The 2020 Dividend Kings List + My Top 5 Kings  
There are no other restrictions to be part of this elite list.  Copy example sentence