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emission lines Emisyon hatları
emission standards Emisyon standartları
emission tomography Emisyon tomografisi
positron emission Pozitron emisyonu
positron emission tomography Pozitron emisyon tomografi

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Al Jazeera
· Timeline: How the new coronavirus spread  
The pandemic is expected to drive carbon dioxide emissions down by six percent this year, the head of the World Meteorological Organization said on April 22, in what would be the biggest yearly drop since World War II.
· Plane takes flight over Washington, with no fuel. (It's electric.)  
Overall, airplanes have an outsized role in emitting carbon into the atmosphere, as planes contribute over two percent of total annual global carbon emissions — more than most nations in the world.
The Guardian
· Finally there is real movement on Australia's climate policy but time isn’t on our side  
In a report entitled Decarbonisation Futures, ClimateWorks modelled multiple pathways by which Australia might reach net zero emission by the year 2050, in accordance with the Paris climate agreement goal.
The Age
· Thousands of us have suffered severe stress  
He emphasises the interdependence of living things; his love for nature, especially the miracle of trees; his grief and rage at the destruction in our world; and his passionate call for political leadership with science-based solutions, including every country cutting its emissions by half this decade and achieving net zero emissions by 2050.
Seeking Alpha
· Equity Investors Must Pay More Attention To Climate Change Physical Risk  
Without a doubt, the most effective remedy will be strong global policy action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, addressing the cause of global warming in a sustainable way, and conferring benefits that extend well beyond the realm of financial stability.
Seeking Alpha
· EV Company News For The Month Of May 2020  
China's Zero Emission Vehicle credit system (NEV credit scheme) in 2020 required 12 points of credits from new energy vehicles [NEVs].
The Guardian
· Will investing in our newfound sense of community bring returns?  
It is building a portfolio of community-owned renewable projects in Oxfordshire, and aims to raise £1.5m to fund solar and other energy schemes that directly reduce CO2 emissions and generate a profit that supports further action on the climate crisis.
The New York Times
· Coronavirus Live Updates: G7 Summit Is Postponed  
A 2019 study in the journal Scientific Reports, for example, found that the rate of particle emission increased as speech grew lower, regardless of language.
· UK electricity plant nears full switch away from coal  
Situated in Yorkshire, northern England, the Drax Group power plant will complete its switch next year after embarking on a journey almost a decade ago to use organic matter alongside the fossil fuel to slash carbon emissions.
Financial Express
· For a Moment of Taste: It's vegan evangelism, targeted at consumers  
On the other hand, there is shockingly little awareness of the toll non-vegan diets take on the planet in terms of lost forests, greenhouse gas emissions, health outcomes, etc, and this is where the strength of For a Moment… could have been, given that there is a glut of research that underscores the environmental and health benefits of plant-based diets.