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became emperor Imparator oldu
first emperor Ilk imparator
future emperor Gelecekteki imparator
last emperor Son imparator
new emperor Yeni imparator

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Yonhap News
· Today in Korean history  
The school's name, Ehwa, was bestowed by Korean Emperor Gojong.
The Japan Times
· Japan should reconsider state visit by China’s Xi, LDP lawmakers say  
Xi’s visit, which would have included a summit with Abe as well as a meeting with Emperor Naruhito and a banquet at the Imperial Palace, had been slated to take place this spring but was postponed due to the global coronavirus pandemic.
The Guardian
· Butterflywatch: May sun brings hope for a bumper summer  
June brings four of the most prized British butterflies – our biggest, the swallowtail; the world’s best insect conservation success story, the large blue; our most charismatic, the purple emperor; and a cult favourite, the black hairstreak, a lovely, friendly little butterfly found on blackthorn between Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire.
The Atlantic
· Trump’s Audience of One  
Facebook’s young CEO is an emperor of information who decides rules of amplification and access to speech for billions of people, simply due to the way that ownership of Facebook shares are structured: Zuckerberg personally controls 60 percent of the voting power.
The Independent
· If Trump is Caligula, there could be some unexpected benefits  
The ancient historian Suetonius wrote that the Roman emperor known as Caligula intended to appoint his beloved horse, Incitatus, as consul and only failed to do so because he was assassinated in the fourth year of his reign, before the appointment could be made.
The New York Times
· Russians Are Angry, but Putin’s Foes Struggle to Seize the Moment  
“Just like that, the emperor turned out to have no clothes,” Mr. Navalny said.
The Atlantic
· Will We Ever Get the Gym Back?  
Robin is a head instructor for the fitness platform Peloton: emperor and evangelist but also chief influencer.
Japan Today
· Former Emperor Akihito visits palace for 1st time since March  
Former Emperor Akihito visited a biology research institute inside the Imperial Palace on Thursday in his first return to the palace since moving to a temporary residence in Tokyo about two months ago, the Imperial Household Agency said.
The New York Times
· Five Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram Now  
A private dealer in Paris manages this consistent account, sometimes posting 19th-century busts for sale, more often pointing out lookers in public collections: a finely worked Bernini at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam; funerary monuments in a Milan cemetery or a tender Antinous, twink boyfriend of the emperor Hadrian, in Rome’s steampunk Centrale Montemartini.
The Economist
· A breed apart: The Habsburgs’ marriages consolidated lands as well as faulty genes  
The story of the Habsburgs, whose last emperor died in 1922, is indelibly inscribed in European history.