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Пример словосочетания

employee benefits Выплаты работникам
first employee Первый сотрудник
former employee Бывший сотрудник
government employee Государственный служащий
per employee На сотрудника

Публикации и примеры предложений

The Verge
· The Verge’s 17 favorite kitchen gadgets  
My mom met a Cuisinart employee who swore by the 11-cup as their least-repaired model.  Copy example sentence
Sports Illustrated
· Detroit Lions to Continue Virtual Offseason  
The Detroit Lions announced Friday that its employee return-to-work program with begin next Wednesday.  Copy example sentence
· Black Lives Matter sues Bill Barr for order that led to tear gas attack on peaceful protesters  
For one thing, both Barr and most of the officers present in Lafayette Square are federal employees.  Copy example sentence
Malay Mail
· Malaysian Employers Federation: RM9b Penjana allocation will help revive employment sector  
“This means that the government prioritises the needs of the gig economy workers such as food delivery to be protected under the Employees Provident Fund so that they will have pension savings for retirement needs,” he said.  Copy example sentence
The Japan Times
· Most of 51 new Korean COVID-19 cases linked to door-to-door salesmen  
At least 130 infections have also been linked to a massive warehouse operated by Coupang, a local e-commerce giant, which has been accused of failing to properly implement preventive measures and having employees work even when sick.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Coronavirus Live Updates: Infection Fear at Global Protests  
Their residents and employees account for almost 40 percent of the nation’s deaths, according to an updated New York Times analysis.  Copy example sentence
The Atlantic
· The Trump Regime Is Beginning to Topple  
For years, the company had provided the president with a platform for propaganda and a mechanism for cowing his enemies, a fact that long irked both critics outside Twitter and employees within.  Copy example sentence
The Rio Times
· One Million People Return to Public Transports in São Paulo and Insecurity Takes Over Passengers  
The young woman, a bank employee in São Paulo, an activity considered essential during the pandemic, spent three days in a hospital after experiencing shortness of breath and then quarantined at home until she recovered.  Copy example sentence
Sports Illustrated
· NFC East Morning Run | June 6, 2020  
The Giants team headquarters re-opened on earlier this week; however, the team's COVID-19 task force has implemented several changes to help keep employees safe from COVID-19.  Copy example sentence
The Japan Times
· One courier’s take on making Uber Eats deliveries during a pandemic  
However, a labor union representing employees of Uber Eats has repeatedly called for hazard pay and coronavirus protection for its members, demanding Uber Eats provide masks and other protective equipment, as well as an additional ¥300 per order.  Copy example sentence