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Seeking Alpha
· The Violence Isn't Likely To Perturb The Market, What Might Cause A Sell-Off Is...  
This widespread insider buying in the C-Suite is certainly an endorsement.
· Trump responded to the protests by lashing out at antifa, the media, and Democrats  
It was an endorsement the Trump campaign welcomed wholeheartedly.
· Why Val Demings May Be the Best Running Mate for Joe Biden Right Now  
Sixty percent of black voters cited the Clyburn endorsement as an important factor in their decision.
The New York Times
· In Seeking to Hold Michigan, Trump Can Be His Own Worst Enemy  
Among those at the Ford plant round-table with black community leaders was Karen Whitsett, a Democratic state lawmaker who contracted the coronavirus but has been shunned by her own party for appearing with Mr. Trump in April at the White House and echoing his endorsement of the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine.
The Guardian
· Osaka and Gauff should not be discouraged from their protests  
Osaka is the face of the Tokyo Olympics and just over a week ago Forbes announced her as the highest paid female athlete of all time last year having earnt $37.4m and acquired 15 brand endorsements.
· Demings: 'Long overdue' for nationwide review to address police misconduct  
Clyburn, whose endorsement ahead of the South Carolina primary was credited with delivering a jolt of energy into Biden's campaign, did not say outright that this moment calls for Biden to pick an African American woman as his running mate.
· Iowa Rep. Steve King's many outrageous comments may finally catch up with him  
Kim Reynolds haven't made any endorsements in the race, and outside Republican groups have lined up against him for fear of losing the seat to the Democrats in November.
The Guardian
· The government has harnessed the power of infotainment  
Whatever Cummings does, Johnson’s endorsement provides the punchline
· Outrage over George Floyd's death could tip fortunes in Joe Biden's VP search  
But Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., a key Biden ally whose endorsement helped power him to the nomination, offered a blunt assessment of the likelihood of her being chosen now Friday.
Seeking Alpha
· Sector Spotlight: Manufactured Housing REITs  
Positive comments made by others should not be construed as an endorsement of the writer's abilities as an investment advisor representative.