Endorsement trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

endorsement deal Thỏa thuận chứng thực
endorsement deals Hợp đồng chứng thực
received the endorsement Nhận được sự chứng thực

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The Age
· All hail Peter V'landys: Controversial NRL changes gets thumbs up in Players' Poll  
The Peter V'landys and Andrew Abdo-led NRL has received a glowing endorsement by the players, who have thrown their overwhelming support behind the code's controversial rule changes.
The Guardian
· Australia’s mood darkens as coronavirus resurges, but this is not a normal political cycle  
This positive feedback in recent months has not been about any one individual’s performance, it has been more an endorsement of our systemic response to crisis.
The New York Times
· Headed to the Convention? Not I, More Republicans Are Saying  
This time, Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the House minority leader who has tied himself closely to the president, is likely to offer an enthusiastic endorsement, and other ardent supporters of Mr. Trump, like Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, are likely to get speaking slots.
The New York Times
· U.S. Says Most of China’s Claims in South China Sea Are Illegal  
“The statement is a full-throated endorsement of the tribunal’s ruling,” said M. Taylor Fravel, a political scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who studies China’s territorial disputes and its military.
The New York Times
· Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville Close Out Alabama’s G.O.P. Senate Runoff  
Sessions “weak” (while also highlighting the president’s endorsement of Mr. Tuberville).
· Labour civil war: Keir Starmer critic a step closer to taking on hugely influential role  
A crucial point in the race to be the next Unite general secretary comes on Saturday when United Left, a group of activists from the trade union, provide their endorsement.
· Poland re-elects president who creates 'dangerous' society for gays, advocates say  
Also in June, Duda received an apparent endorsement from President Donald Trump with a last-minute White House visit, during which Trump praised the Polish leader, saying, “He’s doing a terrific job.
Sports Illustrated
· From Marketing Standpoint, Smalls Could Be a Big Man on Campus  
He stands to benefit from the NCAA's lessening of name, image and likeness endorsement restrictions.
Seeking Alpha
· FAANG Stocks: Ignore These Distractions  
Apparently, this ringing endorsement has caught the market’s attention because the stock has been pushing to new records for several weeks now (entering into overbought territory on three separate occasions in the process).
· Pro-Trump super PAC set to launch $23 million ad campaign in critical states next week  
In recent weeks, Tuberville has been leaning heavily on his endorsement from President Trump, echoing the president's rhetoric to call Sessions weak for recusing himself in the Russia investigation as attorney general.