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endurance race
endurance races
endurance racing

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The Age
· There's an optimal exercise for everyone. So what's the best for you?  
If you start exercising and do not seem to be gaining as much endurance or strength as you had hoped, you might want to switch up your routine, according to a fascinating new study of exercise responders and non-responders.
Yonhap News
· KBO's emerging slugger surprised with own power surge  
Lee said the reason behind his rigorous offseason training was twofold: One, he wanted to blast more home runs, but he also wanted to improve his endurance so that he could play at a high level for the whole season.
The Guardian
· Hottest front-room seats: the best theatre and dance to watch online  
Is there a more fitting playwright for our current moment of isolation, uncertainty and endurance than Beckett?
Sports Illustrated
· What is the Toughest Stretch for Giants' Defensive Line?  
The endurance and consistency of the Giants' defensive line could ultimately be judged by how it performs in a potentially high-stakes finale after back-to-back games against bruising competition.
Sports Illustrated
· Former Hoosier Steve Bouchie, Member of 1981 Title Team, Passes Away  
He had incredible endurance as well.
BBC Sport
· Dan Harper: BMW Junior driver takes maiden Nordschleife victory  
Northern Ireland's Dan Harper claimed his first win as a BMW Junior Team driver with victory in the 240i Cup in the Nürburgring Endurance Series.
· 20 fitness deals for building your home gym that aren't sold out  
Each one works to stabilize your muscles, increase your stamina and endurance, and improve the overall quality of your workouts.