Haberlerde Energy

Örnek kollokasyonlar

energy efficiency Enerji verimliliği
high energy Yüksek enerji
kinetic energy Kinetik enerji
renewable energy Yenilenebilir enerji
solar energy Güneş enerjisi

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The Independent
· Climate crisis: UK’s largest solar farm could be given go-ahead despite environmental and safety concerns  
The plans also indicate the park could also build one of the world’s largest energy storage facilities to date – three times larger than the lithium-ion battery built by Elon Musk, the Tesla founder, in South Australia.
The Age
· Chief Scientist clashes with Lucy Turnbull over 'shipping sunshine'  
Australia's top scientist has said exporting renewable energy is the country's biggest post-coronavirus opportunity, and that investing in gas for at least a decade is the most efficient way to get there.
Seeking Alpha
· The Week Ahead  
Food and energy prices are volatile.
The Guardian
· Morrison says support measures are only temporary 'medication' for sick economy  
In the speech, Morrison argues the government can assist businesses by providing affordable energy, markets to connect to, infrastructure; and changes to skills policy, the amount of regulation and “the amount and the efficiency of the taxes they must pay, in particular whether such taxes encourage them to invest and employ”.
Seeking Alpha
· Natural Gas Bounce - As Expected  
A higher low in the energy commodity.
BBC Sport
· Ross County: Premiership club announce departures  
Richard Foster, Lewis Spence, Sean Kelly and Declan McManus will all exit the Global Energy Stadium when their current contracts expire.
Financial Express
· Cash levels with fund managers globally highest since 9/11; most do not expect v-shaped recovery  
The survey showed that fund managers were underweight on cyclical assets such as energy, industrials, and materials while the sentiment towards Healthcare, Bonds, and the telecom sector is completely opposite.
The Guardian
· My cancer treatment is over for now, so where is my sense of relief?  
When I have the energy to move around, I go on a search for the source of the hospital smell that has been haunting me since I got home.
The New York Times
· The 7 Things You Need for an Ergonomic Workstation  
An abundance of natural lighting in your work space is ideal because it can boost your sense of well-being and energy while reducing eye strain — daylight and access to outdoor views give your eyes opportunities to relax and recover from the strain of staring at a monitor.
The Guardian
· 'Now we sleep peacefully': life in Peru transformed by warm houses  
“We’re making this technology fit in with the idiosyncrasy of our Andean culture,” says Urphy Vásquez, an investigator with Inte, the university’s natural sciences and renewable energy institute.