“Engagement” in the news

Example collocations

civic engagement
community engagement
engagement between
engagement ring
off the engagement

Publications and example sentences

The New York Times
· Wallace Stegner and the Conflicted Soul of the West  
In 1996 Elizabeth Cook-Lynn published a collection of essays bluntly titled “Why I Can’t Read Wallace Stegner,” which pointed out the absence in his books of any serious engagement with the Indigenous history of the region.
· Trump says Twitter favors the left. He's wrong — it actually benefits the right.  
Groups with a social media staff or a large army of well-educated and dedicated volunteers develop the expertise to create and maintain digital engagement.
· Valerie Jarrett: During these uncertain times, we must do what is right, not easy  
The goal is to meet people where they are by bringing people, brands and organizations together to help influence civic engagement at its most basic level-voting.
The New York Times
· Five Artists for This Moment  
Sometimes, it is aesthetic in nature: “The power of the art of public engagement is in how, after news cycles and public outrage have moved on, it makes us see the things we don’t want to,” T’s writer at large Megan O’Grady writes in her 2018 piece on the performance artist Pope.L, best known for his physically punishing crawls through city streets.
The Atlantic
· The Law-Enforcement Abuses That Don’t Bother Trump  
And the entire tawdry episode made vivid what so many people already suspected: that there was something untoward and inappropriate in Trumpworld’s engagement with the Russian Federation.
The Verge
· Police violence will make it harder to fight COVID-19  
The strategies are health threats at any moment, but are even more dangerous against the backdrop of the novel coronavirus — and at a time when health officials need community engagement.
The New York Times
· The Best Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix, Amazon and More in June  
This film combines old footage with a behind-the-scenes look at Freestyle Love Supreme’s recent Broadway engagement to tell a story about spontaneous creativity and the restorative powers of collaboration.
Financial Express
· Enterprises need digital leadership, innovation to support growth more than ever: Sanjay Jalona, CEO, LTI  
The first one is a multi-year, multi-million engagement for digital transformation, enhancing productivity and quality of service of a key government ministry.
Seeking Alpha
· Weibo Corp: The Value-Pick In Social Media, We're Buying  
Acknowledging the difficult environment, management maintained a positive tone with an encouraging outlook pointing to record engagement and strong user growth on the platform.