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civic engagement Sivil katılım
community engagement Toplum katılımı
engagement between Arasındaki ilişki
engagement ring Nişan yüzüğü
off the engagement Nişandan

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Seeking Alpha
· Weibo Corp: The Value-Pick In Social Media, We're Buying  
Acknowledging the difficult environment, management maintained a positive tone with an encouraging outlook pointing to record engagement and strong user growth on the platform.
The Guardian
· Easing Covid-19 shielding in England 'risks second wave'  
Asked on Monday whether the loosening of the rules for the shielding group had been discussed at Sage, Boris Johnson’s official spokesman said there had been engagement with GPs, the British Medical Association and patient groups, but the new guidance was approved by the deputy chief medical officers and Public Health England.
The Guardian
· Science and politics: a complicated formula  
Much of this engagement is not in the public domain, so not everyone will be aware that these efforts are taking place.
· Priyanka Sharma takes over the leadership of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation  
“We’re doing great with regard to technology adoption, growth — but as things evolve — with the number of people already in the foundation that is on track to be 600 members — I think as a community, and there is so much growth opportunity there, we can go deeper into developer engagement, have more conversations around education and understanding of all the projects.
· Obama’s new statement on the protests exposes Trump’s failures  
Obama’s second core point that is that reform to the police and criminal justice system requires political engagement at the local level.
The Independent
· How to support the Black Lives Matter movement even if you can’t attend the protests  
“We do not believe that increased regulation of or public engagement with the police will lead to safer communities, as community testimony and documented police conduct suggest otherwise,” the organisation states.
The Wall Street Journal
· Trump Encounters New Legal Challenge for ‘Wildly Broad’ Nondisclosure Agreements  
Jessica Denson, who managed phone banks on the Trump campaign before rising to become director of Hispanic engagement, brought a class-action suit in New York state court on behalf of herself and other campaign staffers.
The Age
· Super fund shareholders back ME Bank ahead of parliamentary grilling  
A separate letter sent by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority and obtained by this masthead shows APRA also had multiple engagements with ME Bank over the redraw issue since December.
· 11 Designers to Know from FIT’s Class of 2020  
The work of this year’s graduating classes seems to have shifted slightly away from memory-mining and personal narrative toward engagement with larger societal issues, and with technology.
· Bonusly, the platform for employee recognition, raises $9 million Series A  
“We set a very high bar for how we measure participation and engagement in the platform,” he said.