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entrepreneur and philanthropist Предприниматель и меценат
local entrepreneur Местный предприниматель
serial entrepreneur Серийный предприниматель
social entrepreneur Социальный предприниматель
successful entrepreneur Успешный предприниматель

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The Wall Street Journal
· Media Mogul Byron Allen Pays $27 Million for Contemporary Aspen Mansion  
A home in Aspen, Colo., has sold for $27 million to the media entrepreneur Byron Allen in a major deal for the area, according to people familiar with the transaction.
The New York Times
· Britain Gambles on a Bankrupt Satellite Operator, OneWeb  
Founded in 2012 by Greg Wyler, an American entrepreneur, OneWeb aims to use a vast network of satellites (called a constellation) to provide “high-speed services capable of connecting everywhere, to everyone,” its website says.
· How Thor Fridriksson's 'Trivia Royale' earned 2.5M downloads in 3 weeks  
The serial entrepreneur told TechCrunch that he decided to take off his CEO hat and return to his product roots by focusing on a category that few people know as well as he does: trivia.
· Veepstakes roundup: Background checks intensify as time for pick nears  
Finally, Biden will discuss an economic agenda focused on closing racial wealth gaps and expanding affordable housing, investing in minority entrepreneurs, and advancing policing and criminal justice reform.
The New York Times
· In Tackling Coronavirus, Scotland Asserts Its Separateness From England  
“There’s a conservatism in Scotland, where doing the sensible, rational stuff outweighs the more emotional response to things,” said Tom Harries, an entrepreneur who is originally from Bristol, England, and runs a start-up that has helped businesses find ways to survive during the lockdown.
Financial Express
· India's ambitious plan to help small businesses does little to save them  
India re-opened for business in June after months of lockdown but for thousands of small entrepreneurs in the town of Meerut, near Delhi, the blow has been devastating.
Financial Express
· Working in post-pandemic era: Internet and Social Media to be major area of focus  
Social media has become immensely popular and powerful medium, especially from the time lockdowns have started, everyone including businesses, entrepreneurs and passion preneurs are increasingly focusing here – whether that be on hours, services, products, or anything else.
The Independent
· Katy Perry says a Kanye West presidency could be ‘a little wild’  
Tesla entrepreneur Elon Musk had indicated that he would be endorsing West’s presidential run, but has since suggested he is reconsidering his position.
Financial Express
· Mastercard to invest Rs 250 cr to help Indian SMEs amid COVID-19 crisis  
The investment, which is over and above the USD 1 billion committed for the Indian market till 2025, will be focussed on helping small businesses go digital, making access to credit easier and also supporting women entrepreneurs, its division president for South Asia Porush Singh said.