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environmental conditions Çevre koşulları
environmental factors Çevresel faktörler
environmental impact Çevresel etki
environmental issues Çevre sorunları
environmental protection Çevresel koruma

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Washington Post
· Baltimore’s community lab puts the scientific method in the people’s hands  
The project, coordinated in collaboration between BUGSS, the National Aquarium and the University System of Maryland’s Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology, collects samples of organisms that accumulate on plastic disks in the harbor and then sequences the DNA.
· Carrie Symonds issues urgent plea as she backs calls for ‘bold action’ on environment  
Ms Symonds is known for her campaigning on environmental issues.
The Guardian
· Revealed: 20 areas at most risk of local lockdowns  
Bradford has asked for its own mobile testing units, more environmental health officers, support to pay full wages to low-paid workers having to self-isolate, and funding to develop its own local test-and-trace system.
The New York Times
· Why Will Our Great-Grandchildren Scorn Us?  
I became a vegetarian almost two years ago (not a strict one, and I do eat fish) because my daughter nagged me (“provided moral guidance” would be a nicer spin), and I suspect that ethical and environmental considerations — and the increasing availability of tasty alternatives to meat — will lead our descendants to eat less meat, and be baffled at our casual acceptance of an industrial agricultural model built on large-scale cruelty.
· Storm Fay: Record-breaking storm thrashes US east coast with heavy rain and high winds  
Although upper-level winds are currently unfavourable for the development of this system into a tropical cyclone, environmental conditions are expected to become more conducive for the formation of a tropical depression in two to three days while the system moves quickly westward, well south of the coast of Mexico.
The Guardian
· Wasteful, damaging and outmoded: is it time to stop building skyscrapers?  
Tall buildings are still deemed desirable, even glamorous, but experts are drawing attention to the high environmental cost of building them
The New York Times
· 'Defund the Police,' 'Cancel Rent': The Left Remakes the World  
The way to respond is to stay focused on building mass movements of ordinary people who are serious about restoring and redistributing social wealth, as the Red Nation’s Red Deal puts it, to those who created it: “workers, the poor, Indigenous peoples, the global South, women, migrants, caretakers of the land, and the land itself.” Here, too, you see the connections — among Indigenous resistance, environmental justice and more.
Washington Post
· Conservation groups upset by North Cascades grizzly decision  
SPOKANE, Wash. — The forested mountains in and around North Cascades National Park in north central Washington state have long been considered prime habitat for threatened grizzly bears, so environmental groups are upset the Trump administration scrapped plans to reintroduce the apex predators there.
Seeking Alpha
· U.S. IPO Week Ahead: GoHealth Takes The Lead In A 4-IPO Week  
More deals could join the IPO calendar in the week ahead, including Apple workflow software provider Jamf, environmental remediation company Montrose Environment, digital cell biology company Berkeley Lights, and a handful of biotechs.