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divided equally
equally between
equally important
equally spaced
equally well

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Publications and example sentences

· Easterseals CEO: 'Just because someone is different, it does not mean they are deficient'  
I am an advocate for reviving the soul of a nation and its citizens such that righteousness and justice are equally accessed and applied to all.”
Japan Today
· Man United wins again as Tottenham misfires under Mourinho  
The 18-year-old Greenwood has shown he is equally adept at shooting with his left or right foot after bursting onto the scene this season.
The Age
· The hidden tourism gems that could help keep WA's economy pumping  
The blinding flat is populated by equally otherworldly human sculptures created by acclaimed British artist Sir Antony Gormley, known for his Angel of the North statue in Gateshead, England.
Washington Post
· We took a plane, train and (rental) automobile for the experience, not the journey  
I let the first shuttle go, but the second one was equally packed.
Seeking Alpha
· Tracking How Far They Fell: Q2 2020 Edition  
This is necessary to compare gains and losses equally because of the way percentages work.
The New York Times
· Supreme Court: Letting Employers Refuse to Cover Contraceptives  
Any sports fan knows that a true sport involves two or more competitors, teams or individuals, equally equipped, subject to the same rules of engagement; the best competitor wins.
The Age
· Band of brothers: Lime Cordiale's slow rise to top  
At 28, younger brother Louis (vocals) has the kind of androgynous magnetic stage presence that reminds you of Michael Hutchence; Oliver (Oli), his equally charismatic 30-year-old brother on lead guitar, has a touch of the Paul McCartneys.
The New York Times
· Review: Covid Responders Have Their Harrowing Say in ‘The Line’  
Vikram drives home the point that people’s vulnerability to the disease is not equally distributed in a medical system that is “flawed from its root.”
Washington Post
· The ‘silent majority’ disagrees with Trump on police reform  
“There have been double-digit declines in the shares who say police forces do an excellent or good job of using the right amount of force for each situation (from 45% in 2016 to 35% today), treating racial and ethnic groups equally (47% to 34%) and holding officers accountable when misconduct occurs (44% to 31%).”