Haberlerde Equally

Örnek kollokasyonlar

divided equally Eşit olarak bölünmüş
equally between Eşit olarak
equally important Eşit derecede önemli
equally spaced Eşit aralıklı
equally well Eşit derecede iyi

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Guardian
· The government has harnessed the power of infotainment  
And equally, if you’re anxious not to, how can you know that you aren’t?
Seeking Alpha
· Zynerba Positive Autism Data, And Other News: The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Biopharma  
The study enrolled 388 patients which were randomized equally across three dose levels of 300, 600 or 1,200 mcg of the drug candidate or corresponding placebo, given once a day.
Financial Express
· Motor insurance claims being rejected on grounds of absence of e-passes? Here is what you need to do  
Experts, however, suggest that insurance policies should be applied equally during normal circumstances as well as in special situations, such as the current lockdown.
Hong Kong Free Press
· ‘Terrorism’ is an excuse – nothing that has happened in Hong Kong can affect China’s national security  
China has had a lot of success in persuading people to pretend that Taiwan is not a separate country, which for practical purposes it is, so perhaps it will be equally successful in persuading them that Hong Kong is an autonomous territory when it clearly is not.
· Commentary: What's behind China's controversial Health Silk Road efforts  
Both initiatives should and can be equally welcomed on their own merit.
The Independent
· Coronavirus recession could see government change Bank of England's inflation mandate, says former minister  
“Giving the central bank the tools to go equally negative as to go positive would be an extremely important increase in its arsenal,” he said.
The New York Times
· Lessons for the Future From Online Learning  
The students, equally drained, leave the Zoom.
· Amy Cooper in Central Park exposed the danger of birding while Black. But I've always known it.  
There is a peril that I and fellow Black and Brown citizens face even when we are doing something as banal as watching a woodpecker peck, a danger that makes clear that not every citizen is treated equally when using public lands.
The Age
· Residential areas are no places for these heaters  
I am equally grateful that we are able to exercise our right to object if some police have been overzealous in this pursuit.
The Independent
· Help the Hungry: Stanley Tucci and top chefs 'rhyme for restaurants' in support of our appeal  
All money raised by the Rhyme for Restaurants appeal will be divided equally between The Independent's Help the Hungry appeal and Hospitality Action’s Covid-19 emergency relief grant.