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equipment used Kullanılan ekipman
military equipment Askeri teçhizat
new equipment Yeni ekipman
other equipment Diğer ekipman
standard equipment Standart ekipman

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· Essential REIT Evaluation: Residential And Healthcare  
At the same time, they are having difficulty estimating what operating expenses will ultimately be due to the increased testing, personal protective equipment, and labor required to combat the outbreak.
The Guardian
· 'There's a romanticism about nighthawking, but it's theft': when metal detectorists go rogue  
Only their equipment would have given them away: metal detectors, a shovel and a spade, that they humped uncomfortably up a vertiginous path.
Financial Express
· Indian Railways' first isolation coaches to be deployed for treatment of COVID-19 patients in Delhi  
The coaches will be equipped with all the necessary medical equipment like medical supplies, oxygen cylinders, sterilized berths, blankets, etc., for the convenience and safety of those placed in isolation.
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· New Preferred Stock IPOs, May 2020  
Becton is a “... global medical technology company engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of a broad range of medical supplies, devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products used by healthcare institutions, physicians, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and the general public.” The COVID-19 pandemic, as you might expect, has injected significant uncertainty, and as such, the company withdrew its 2020 earnings guidance on May 7, 2020.
· As doctors go virtual, pandemic turbocharges telemedicine  
Some of the most radical changes have been in primary healthcare, where doctors have often faced shortages of protective equipment, but specialists in everything from mental health to eye care have also turned to technology to treat patients at a distance.
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· BGB: Why I'm Passing On This Fully Covered 11% Yield From A Discounted Term CEF  
In terms of industry allocation, BGB's top five sectors are electronics/electric, business equipment and services, healthcare, building and development, and oil and gas.
The Guardian
· Peru: at least 20 journalists died from Covid-19 as they covered pandemic  
At least 20 journalists have died from Covid-19 in Peru as reporters, photographers and camera operators raced to cover the pandemic’s spread through the country, often without protective equipment.
BBC Sport
· Premiership and Championship clubs permitted to return to non-contact training  
Clubs will also have to provide appropriate personal protective equipment, adhere to strict cleaning and hygiene standards and screen players and support staff on a daily basis for symptoms.
The Independent
· George Floyd: Alabama mayor orders removal of Confederate monument after protesters target it  
By about 8pm on Monday, heavy equipment arrived at the park, including a crane, a forklift and a flatbed trailer.
· The government counts 26,000 COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes. That's at least 14,000 deaths too low.  
The Trump administration announced in early May that it would be sending two weeks' worth of personal protective equipment to every nursing home in the U.S., coordinated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and divided into two shipments.