Evacuation trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

during the evacuation Trong quá trình sơ tán
mandatory evacuation Sơ tán bắt buộc
medical evacuation Sơ tán y tế

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The Independent
· Emergency evacuation at Stansted airport slowed by passengers taking cabin baggage  
Passengers who insisted on taking their cabin baggage during an emergency evacuation at Stansted airport hindered the escape, an official accident investigation has concluded.
Yonhap News
· President Moon express regret over N.K. not informing Seoul of dam discharge  
The discharge caused water to rise to record-high levels and forced local authorities in the northern Gyeonggi region to order evacuations of low lying areas.
Malay Mail
· Singapore woman jailed 5 months for setting mattress on fire after husband asked for divorce  
The blaze forced the evacuation of residents from 20 units in her public housing block.
The China Post
· The Latest: Australian hot spot state says don’t panic-buy  
UNITED NATIONS — The United States and seven European countries are calling on Russia to withdraw its forces from the Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions in Georgia and allow medical evacuations and aid deliveries during the coronavirus pandemic.
Washington Post
· World responds to Lebanon’s plight, France’s Macron to visit  
U.N. peacekeepers from Indonesia already stationed in Lebanon were helping in the evacuation effort, and Australia said it was donating 2 million Australian dollars ($1.4 million) in humanitarian support.
The Independent
· France wildfires: Dozens injured and thousands evacuated as blaze sweeps across Marseille region  
Wildfires have torn through several towns near Marseille in France, leaving at least 22 people injured and forcing the evacuation of 2,700 people.
The New York Times
· When Disasters Overlap  
The additional pressure of the pandemic has focused new attention on why disasters are so damaging in the United States: Underfunded emergency and public health agencies, weak home construction standards that make evacuation so frequently necessary, and racial and income disparities that put some communities at greater risk.
· California fires: How many fires are raging in California right now?  
In northern California, evacuations were ordered after a wildfire that sparked Sunday afternoon spread quickly and burned near homes near the East Park reservoir in Colusa county.
Yonhap News
· (3th LD) Downpours continue to grip S. Korea, key dam opens floodgates  
Local municipalities of Paju and Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province, issued an emergency evacuation order to the residents in lowlands, citing rising river levels.