Eventually trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

eventually became Cuối cùng đã trở thành
eventually become Cuối cùng trở thành
eventually becoming Cuối cùng trở thành
eventually led Cuối cùng đã dẫn
eventually won Cuối cùng đã thắng

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The Age
· Music reviews: Rufus Wainwright, Kacy Hill, DMA's and Shuffle Demons  
But if Shuffle Demons' only option was that emergency-ward state of mind, their funk would eventually wear thin, however well executed.
Financial Express
· Risk Management: How to manage your risks while investing money  
It is extremely important to have a back-up plan for future risk scenarios in case they eventually materialise.
· Uber lets some California drivers set their own prices  
“Those drivers who are charging 2X and not getting as many rides will eventually lower their rates so they can earn more revenue.”
Malay Mail
· Meet Uzair, the 12-year-old autistic kid who is cycling 750km to raise funds for Autism Cafe Project  
This led to his parents bringing him for a 30 kilometre cycling fun ride and eventually long-distance cycling trips where he would cycle with his father, and a group of cycling enthusiasts.
The New York Times
· Your Friday Briefing  
He was eventually convicted on a lesser charge and released from prison in May 2019.
Washington Post
· AP News in Brief at 12:04 a.m. EDT  
In fact, the increasing likelihood that a grand jury will eventually get to examine the documents drove the president into a public rage.
The Guardian
· 'An Instagram campaign won't fix Australian fashion's diversity problem – it takes real work'  
Eventually after getting a lot of attention very quickly, an apology was posted on the account, which was then set to private.
Bleacher Report
· J.T. Realmuto 'Not Too Worried' About Ongoing Contract Talks with Phillies  
With his skill set, Realmuto isn't concerned about that contract eventually coming even as there is remaining uncertainty around the sport.
The Guardian
· 'People want blood and gore': what we got wrong about filming sharks  
Even today, 50 years later, with sharks a familiar sight from our sofas, the footage the Taylors eventually succeeded in shooting is gripping.
· Cancer zodiac & star sign dates: Symbols and meaning for Cancer  
While they find it hard to break down their barriers, Cancer will trust you eventually with all their heart and open up to their partner like no other star sign.