Eventually trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

eventually became Cuối cùng đã trở thành
eventually become Cuối cùng trở thành
eventually becoming Cuối cùng trở thành
eventually led Cuối cùng đã dẫn
eventually won Cuối cùng đã thắng

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Sports Illustrated
· Richaun Holmes to Spend Eight Days in Quarantine After Food Delivery Pickup  
The news comes on the same day Russell Westbrook of the Houston Rockets announced that he has tested positive for coronavirus and that he plans to eventually join his team at the restart of the NBA season.
Seeking Alpha
· Political Uncertainty Has Created Opportunity In Lockheed Martin  
This backlog will serve as a steady cash flow generator even if the Pentagon budget is eventually trimmed by a future Administration.
Washington Post
· Where states reopened and cases spiked after the U.S. shutdown  
On April 24, the governor released a blueprint for eventually easing public-health restrictions.
The Independent
· NYPD officer filmed using Taser against black protester  
Eventually the protester breaks the grapple, and the officer fighting with him steps back.
Japan Today
· Look out, Mars: Here we come with a fleet of spacecraft  
It will drill into the most promising rocks and store a half-kilogram (about 1 pound) of samples in dozens of titanium tubes that will eventually be fetched by another rover.
Washington Post
· Listen to Fauci even if Trump doesn’t. It could be the difference between life and death.  
Eventually, science figured it out, though coming up with effective treatments took many more years — in no small part because politicians kept interfering.
The Independent
· Michael Obafemi’s last-gasp Southampton equaliser deals blow to Manchester United’s top-four hopes  
This unrelenting high press eventually paid off and caught out Paul Pogba, who failed to spot Danny Ings lurking over his shoulder while turning to receive David de Gea’s pass.
Sports Illustrated
· Texas 3-Star LB Dylan Hazen Selects Wake Forest over Illinois Among Others  
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. -- Eventually Dylan Hazen didn’t return find himself returning to the first Power Five Conference school to offer him a scholarship.
Washington Post
· Army photographer’s orders: Capture the medical story of World War II on film  
Eventually, a portly, cigar-chomping man heaved himself aboard the plane.
· Vikings season 6: Who defeated the Vikings? The REAL story revealed  
“However the battles of 1066 were eventually won by William the Conqueror, a Norman - and of course the Normans were the 'Norsemen' of France, descended from Vikings themselves.