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nominated for eviction

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· Minneapolis killing shows African Americans face unresolved systemic problems  
The fury over George Floyd's killing is erupting as the U.S. faces a looming wave of business bankruptcies, likely home evictions and a virus pandemic that will all disproportionately hit African Americans.
The New York Times
· George Floyd's Death, Protests, Coronavirus: America Is a Tinderbox  
In some states, moratoriums on evictions have ended or will soon.
The New York Times
· Black Journalists Are Exhausted  
All the while, the racial disparity among coronavirus cases reportedly deepened in several states, including Maine, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, as an eviction crises looms in black neighborhoods in Baltimore and Philadelphia.
Al Jazeera
· Ethiopian security forces accused of grave human rights abuses  
In its report on Friday, Amnesty International documented the arbitrary detentions of thousands of people and the forcible evictions of dozens of families from their homes, some of which were set alight, during security operations in response to attacks by armed groups and inter-communal violence in parts of the Amhara and Oromia regions.
The New York Times
· Protests Against Police Escalate  
And eviction moratoriums in many cities are expiring.
The New York Times
· Live Coronavirus US News Updates  
Eviction moratoriums that are keeping people in their homes are expiring in many cities.