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The Age
· Racism making Indigenous Queenslanders sick, says health body  
They include poor mental health, social and emotional distress, injury, harmful alcohol and substance use, self-harm, suicide ideation and attempts, and exacerbated physical health conditions due to disengagement with the health system, the QAIHC says.
Malay Mail
· Anger at new police abuse videos as US protests eye weekend  
While condemning Floyd’s death, he has adopted a tough stance towards the protesters and has been accused of exacerbating tensions.
The Independent
· Atlantic hurricane season already record-breaking — and minority communities disproportionately at risk  
After Hurricane Florence, a segment aired in January 2018, about the devastation of New Bern, North Carolina, where low-income, black residents in a city housing project struggled to cope with pre-existing challenges that were exacerbated by the storm.
The Independent
· Witness describes brutal police attack on protester caught on video as Indianapolis police announce investigation  
“US police across the country are failing their obligations under international law to respect and facilitate the right to peaceful protest, exacerbating a tense situation and endangering the lives of protesters,” said Rachel Ward, national director of research at Amnesty International USA.
· Commentary: India grapples with COVID-19 migrant worker chaos  
The move may have exacerbated COVID-19’s spread.
· Greener and cleaner: Reimagining our cities in the wake of COVID-19  
The crisis will exacerbate all those trends.
Japan Today
· Anger at new police abuse videos as U.S. protests eye weekend  
While condemning Floyd's death, he has adopted a tough stance towards the protesters and has been accused of exacerbating tensions.
Financial Express
· United Spirits rating: 'Neutral'; Performance was below par in Q4FY20  
Impact of extremely sharp excise increases across states would only exacerbate the pressure on FY21 profitability.
· A Senegal-Raised, Silicon Valley-Based Designer Shares Her Vision for a More Inclusive, Sustainable Fashion Industry  
Just a few weeks ago, sustainability was top of mind for designers as COVID-19 exacerbated issues the industry has ignored for years: excessive waste, enormous carbon emissions, overcrowded factories.
The Guardian
· Country Australia losing its voice: 'There wouldn't be a journalist within cooee'  
“I think lots of things were happening before the pandemic, and have been exacerbated by the pandemic, that illustrate country Australia is losing its voice.”