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Washington Post
· Florida reports largest, single-day increase in Covid cases  
He said while each county will have to come up with procedures, depending on their local infection rate, not opening the schools would exacerbate the achievement gap between high- and low-performing students.
The New York Times
· Health Care Takes Center Stage in Battle for Congress During Pandemic  
Democrats say voter anxiety about health care has been exacerbated by the Trump administration’s decision to again ask the Supreme Court to take the health care law off the books.
· Md. Gov. Hogan on school reopening: 'We're not going to be rushed into this'  
Next week, aides say, Biden will offer new details on what it calls a “clean energy and infrastructure plan,” followed by a plan creating a 21st century caregiving and education workforce, recognizing a shortage in healthcare providers that has been exacerbated during the pandemic.
The Independent
· Ukraine's green energy revolution has its problems – but it isn't a pipe dream  
As the share of renewable sources continued to grow, this further exacerbated the situation.
Seeking Alpha
· Weekly Commentary: Utmost Crazy  
Typically, the primary risks associated with exacerbating bubble excess would be domestic-focused - i.e.
· Nonprofit hopes to build 20 'tiny homes' for Black transgender women  
The violence Black trans women endure is directly related to housing insecurity, Gore said, adding that the COVID-19 pandemic will likely exacerbate the situation.
· Skin lightening in South Asia is why we have an anti-Blackness problem  
Brands that profit from and exacerbate colorism realized they needed some course correction.
The Guardian
· Are breathing techniques good for your health?  
“Right now, breathing is hot.” McKeown believes a range of conditions including asthma are caused or exacerbated by a modern human mouth-breathing tendency brought on largely by dietary changes.
· EU waste laid bare: How Brussels spent £2million to 'tackle eurosceptics online'  
The current pandemic, lockdown measures and the economic crisis looming seem to be exacerbating divisive trends in Europe.
The Guardian
· The Observer view on racism within the police  
It said any attempt to justify the implicit discrimination “exacerbates the climate of distrust”.