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Al Jazeera
· Taiwan targets truth not justice as it investigates darker times  
So far, about 6,000 victims have been exonerated - but in name only.
The Guardian
· 'Cummings is the real boss': world's press pours scorn on Boris Johnson  
The Irish Times noted that Johnson “not only exonerated Cummings, but praised him … In its shamelessness, it was a return to the playbook of his early months in office, when he gloried in the disapproval of his political enemies over his prorogation of parliament and (false) claim he would not fulfil his legal obligation to seek a delay to Brexit.”
Hong Kong Free Press
· The dizzying double standards of the report on Hong Kong police behaviour  
The Widgery Report blamed “those who organised the illegal march” for “creating a highly dangerous situation,” and exonerated the killers.