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The Age
· It's Billionaire Bachelor Afloat as rumours fly on Packer's superyacht  
The casino mogul declined to comment when PS asked about reports of a tawdry meltdown involving Packer's new bestie, expat Aussie and Beverly Hills party boy James Maas.
· House prices up 8.8% during coronavirus lockdown  
‘Now that there is less interest from investors and expats, first time buyers and people moving up the chain have more chances,’ said Onno Hoes, chairman of the NVM.
Financial Express
· Kuwait Expatriate Bill and its implications for India  
Kuwait’s National Assembly committee has recently approved a draft expat quota bill in seeking to reduce the number of foreign workers from Kuwait.
The New York Times
· David Mitchell Brings His Novelistic High Jinks to the Swinging ’60s  
“Ghostwritten,” in particular, with its pointed oscillation between cultist cells and expat financiers, of Chinese warlords in the 1920s and gangsters in a post-Soviet Mongolia where Danish backpackers now roam, suggests how, in a globalized world, everything is, in fact, connected, albeit in ways we often prefer not to acknowledge.
The Japan Times
· Japan looks to ease travel ban on China, South Korea and others in Asia  
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The Age
· Perth in box seat to attract Hong Kong talent as Australia eases visa restrictions  
Andrew Porteous, from the William Porterous property group, said political tension had meant his company started to see expat families coming from Hong Kong looking at Perth and its education facilities already at the end of last year.
The Guardian
· 'This is intolerable': fearful Australians in Hong Kong hasten plans to leave city  
Expats say they feel insecure about living somewhere ‘where the walls have ears’
The Age
· 'Bali is home': the Aussies staying put  
Thousands of Australian expats and tourists have left Indonesia to return home.
· 'Trapped' illegal workers in Saudi look to COVID-19 for escape  
Saudi Arabia, home to around 10 million expats, has expelled hundreds of thousands of illegal workers in recent years.
The Diplomat
· Pakistan’s Great Digital Divide  
“There are many expats living in the Middle East.