Haberlerde Expenditure

Örnek kollokasyonlar

capital expenditure Sermaye artırımı
energy expenditure Enerji harcaması
government expenditure Hükümet harcamaları
public expenditure Kamu harcamaları

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Financial Express
· Sovereign rating: Economists shrug off downgrade fear amid Covid crisis  
Interestingly, this is nearly equivalent to budgeted capital expenditure of the Centre.
Seeking Alpha
· Apple Hospitality - How Things Changed, And What's Next  
This has resulted in a reduction of 65% in expenditures in April.
Seeking Alpha
· Centamin Egypt: A Strong Start To FY-2020  
Meanwhile, from a financial standpoint, the company's operating cash flow soared by 18% year-over-year in Q1 to $110.5 million, helped by slightly lower capital expenditures and a higher gold price.
Seeking Alpha
· Hillenbrand: Softness In End-Markets To Weigh On 2020 Revenue  
$27.5 million fully covered capital expenditures of $8.7 million.
Seeking Alpha
· Ketchup And Macaroni To The Rescue: Kraft Heinz  
Kraft slashed its dividend and capital expenditures in 2019 to help unlock cash flow for debt reduction.
The Age
· 'Catalytic impact': end of hardship measures could trigger collapse  
Discretionary spending includes all non-essential expenditure such as fashion, hair and beauty, entertainment and homewares.
The Age
· It’s a grab bag of ideas that is masking a bias  
Loan repayment strategies, expenditure levels on other government services, mooted tax policy changes, national minimum wage submissions, ongoing amounts and entitlements to JobSeeker and JobKeeper payments, opportunities for action on climate change and social housing, etc.
Financial Express
· Uday Kotak believes this one thing can help India become ‘world’s office’ if China is ‘world’s factory’  
This was due to multiple factors such as pollution, low quality of life, low priority of economy to attract and retain talent and low total public expenditure on education per student.
· Trump's Michigan voter fraud comments reveal America's desperate need for reforms  
This money is needed to pay for crucial additional expenditures — ballot printing, postage, drop boxes for absentee ballots and appropriate security, secure electronic absentee ballot request technology, ballot tracking, improvements to absentee ballot processing, additional facilities for both ballot processing and storage, additional staffing to support absentee ballot processing, polling facilities that meet public health standards and increased poll worker support.
Seeking Alpha
· The Path To Monetary Collapse  
The third threat is of systemic failure, requiring extra expenditure to rescue one or more major banks and to manage the fallout.