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began to experiment
first experiment
thought experiment

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Washington Post
· Goldman Sachs Comes Up With Tinder for Mergers  
It was an experiment, and it proved to be quite successful.” No travel delays, and meetings were easier to schedule.
· Best ergonomic keyboards, according to a tech expert  
But if your current setup isn’t working for you, we’ve compiled a few less traditional options below you can experiment with.
· The Rain season 3 Netflix release date: How many episodes are in The Rain?  
From season two and the horrifying discovery Martin (Mikkel Boe Følsgaard) and Patrick (Lukas Løkken) in the last series, Apollon’s experiments to infect humans with the virus to build immunity had disastrous consequences.
· Would You Sweat in Sweater Material? PH5 Says Yes With an New Line of Knit Activewear  
Lin and her team are also experimenting with different recycled cottons and recycled plastics.
The New York Times
· There Are Two Ways Out of a Frog. This Beetle Chose the Back Door.  
Eager to test the behavior’s limits, Dr. Sugiura repeated his experiments with five species of insect-munching frogs in the lab.
Seeking Alpha
· Berkshire: Patience Is The Name Of The Game  
This is a speculative effort, but it is a good thought experiment to understand what is in the mind of Buffett and how we can expect the company to perform in the future.
Scientific American
· Fluoridated Water Criticized as Socialized Medicine  
The anti-fluoridation argument has three main themes: 1. fluoridation is an experiment which has not proved its value and may hold unknown dangers; 2. fluorides are poisons; 3. treatment by public agencies of the water that everyone must drink is a step in the direction of socialized medicine and an invasion of individual rights.”
Sports Illustrated
· Which Teams Could Gators, SEC Add in 2020 Based on Strength of Schedule?  
Regardless, this experiment is sure to entice fans who are already coming up with their own schedules in anticipation of what will be a very interesting college football season.
Washington Post
· Eggplant can be a love-or-hate proposition. Here’s how to treat it right.  
Despite outward appearances, you won’t find much difference once you get to the flesh inside, so don’t be afraid to experiment with or substitute varieties.
The New York Times
· The Wild Story of Creem, Once ‘America’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll Magazine’  
In 1973, the commune experiment ended and Creem relocated into a proper office in Birmingham, one of Detroit’s toniest suburbs.