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The New York Times
· How to Proactively Prepare for Distance Learning  
Here are some questions to explore with your kid: Are they fired up by a certain topic?
BBC Sport
· Premier League, EFL, Scottish football: Ups, downs & European qualification  
However, Stevenage say they are taking legal advice to explore other options, while they could still be reprieved if the National League is unable to satisfy the EFL board that its 2020-21 season will be able to go ahead.
The New York Times
· What Worried Artists in Lockdown? The Same Things as Everyone Else  
On the ground floor of the exhibition space, two veteran artists explore conditions of solitude and waiting.
Seeking Alpha
· Why Does It Take So Long For Stock Prices To Correct?  
I find the phenomenon of irrational exuberance endlessly fascinating to examine and explore.
Washington Post
· The Finance 202: White House, Democrats cite progress in coronavirus relief talks but gulf remains  
The president has said publicly he is exploring the matter.”
The Guardian
· Mozart: where to start with his music  
His music combines melodic beauty, with innovative formal perfection and a remarkable ability to capture and explore deep ambiguities of emotion and feeling.
Washington Post
· The top fantasy football running backs to draft in 2020  
In a going-nowhere season this year, the team would be well-advised to start exploring other options.
The Atlantic
· The Pandemic Is Changing My Mind About Having Kids  
As I entered my early 40s, I started exploring the possibility of having a child on my own.
Bleacher Report
· 2020 NBA Mock Draft: Lottery Simulation and 1st-Round Predictions  
The Wolves could also be drawn to Deni Avdija's versatility and Isaac Okoro's defensive toughness, though they'd likely explore trading down a few spots for either.
Washington Post
· With his camera, Gordon Parks humanized the Black people others saw as simply criminals  
In 1957, Gordon Parks accepted an assignment from Life magazine, where he had been a staff photographer for a decade — the first African American to hold such a position — to explore crime in America.