Haberlerde Expression

Örnek kollokasyonlar

artistic expression Sanatsal ifade
facial expression Yüz ifadesi
free expression Ifade özgürlüğü
freedom of expression İfade özgürlüğü
gene expression Gen ifadesi

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The China Post
· Trump’s tweet about rioters echoes 1960s Miami police chief  
“I don’t want this to happen, and that’s what the expression put out last night means.”  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Rules, Rescheduled Games and a Covenant Worth Preserving  
“There is nothing, absolutely nothing, charming about this repulsive blood-and-soil nationalism and its expression in the history of Athletic de Bilbao,” Baker wrote.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· Breonna Taylor’s mother calls for end to violence after seven are shot in protest  
“Our goal will be to allow for the peaceful expression of protest.  Copy example sentence
· Should Masks Be Fashion Accessories?  
Liana Satenstein: To Steff's point: That story we did about the photographer photographing people’s masks in Brooklyn, it makes sense wearing one that has personality and is an expression of self and feels positive.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Mark Morris Gives Video Dances a Whirl  
It is the age of the mask: When we are in out in the world, our expression, even a hint of a smile, must somehow shine through our eyes.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· China Finance Online's (JRJC) CEO Zhiwei Zhao on Q4 2019 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
The word belief, estimates, plan, expect, anticipates, projects, targets, optimistic, intend, aim, future, will or similar expression are intended to identify forward-looking statements.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· Move on from lies and arrogance? No, let’s reflect  
• Surely the expression “lay doggo” refers to someone keeping their head down, staying quiet.  Copy example sentence
The Verge
· Kickstarter’s CEO on why he doesn’t think the company will only do crowdfunding forever  
And where I want us to be is that as the creators and as those projects return, and as more of these ideas become less of maybe a hobby or a part-time thing and actually become a primary vehicle of someone’s expression, that we’re there and we’re ready for them.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Tony Kushner: Larry Kramer Howled the Truths We Needed to Hear  
liberation, he attained the expression of something like a visionary politics of universal value.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Why Kids Get Emotional About Pooping  
Brain imaging studies have shown that the neural circuits involved in experiencing emotions and controlling the expression of them become more active when we are peeing or pooping.  Copy example sentence