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Al Jazeera
· Russian air raids target NW Syria for first time in three months  
Our #WhiteHelmets extinguished fire near the place and ensured that there were no injuries.
· University entrepreneurship — without the university  
Hopefully flattening the curve will soon become extinguishing the curve.
The China Post
· AP PHOTOS: Protesters show outrage around the globe  
Protesters in Paris took a knee and raised their fists while firefighters worked to extinguish blazes in the street.
The Age
· From Carlton to nowhere: How coronavirus rocked teen footballer's world  
He was overlooked, but the flame began to flicker again almost immediately after being extinguished.
· Two firefighters killed in Argentina perfume shop blast  
Two firefighters died and another 15 were wounded after two explosions in a perfume shop in Buenos Aires Tuesday as they were trying to extinguish a blaze, the emergency services said.
Al Jazeera
· Paris police brutality protest turns violent  
French protesters took a knee and raised their fists while firefighters struggled to extinguish multiple blazes as a largely peaceful, multiracial demonstration degenerated into scattered tensions.
· Trump just used a damaged DC church for a photo op. The bishop is furious.  
The fire was extinguished, and the church reportedly suffered only minor damage.
The Atlantic
· America Has No President  
The windows of the president’s official residence were darkened, and the floodlights outside extinguished.