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extremist group Aşırılık yanlısı grup
extremist groups Aşırılık yanlısı gruplar

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The Guardian
· Niger lost tens of millions to arms deals malpractice, leaked report alleges  
The country’s new military capabilities and its strategically significant location in the Sahel region have made it an important ally for local and western powers fighting a tenacious Islamic extremist insurgency.
Washington Post
· Controversial Russian extremism case ends with conviction  
Moscow’s Lyublino District Court found members of the New Greatness group guilty of creating an extremist organization.
· Mass shooters often have history of domestic violence and drug abuse, Secret Service report finds  
Seven incidents involved attackers motivated by extremist views.
The Atlantic
· I’ve Witnessed the Decline of the Republican Party  
Unfortunately, they were unable to transfer those values to succeeding generations, or to overcome the regional shift in American party politics, the rise of manipulative leaders, and the growing influence of extremist tribal media.
Financial Express
· Lord Ram's image displayed at iconic Times Square to celebrate Ram Temple 'Bhoomi Poojan' in Ayodhya  
Extremist groups can try to stymie us but they cannot silence Hindus.
The Age
· Groundbreaking on Hindu temple proof Modi is transforming India  
Hindu extremists illegally razed the mosque in 1992, setting off bloody nationwide riots.
· Indian Prime Minister Lays Cornerstone Of A Hindu Temple On The Ruins Of A Mosque  
India's prime minister laid the cornerstone of a Hindu temple that is being built on the ruins of a mosque destroyed by Hindu extremists — a gesture painful to Muslims, hundreds of whom died there.
The New York Times
· Facebook Must Better Police Online Hate, State Attorneys General Say  
Extremists and conspiracists have turned to social media — most often Facebook, Twitter and YouTube — to circulate falsehoods about the coronavirus pandemic, the coming presidential election and Black Lives Matter protests.
The Guardian
· UK coronavirus live: local lockdown imposed in Aberdeen; official UK death toll rises by 65 – as it happened  
Just months ago, the Scottish Tories were maintaining the pretence that they were something different from the extremist no-deal Brexiteers of the Boris Johnson camp.