“Eyebrow” in the news

Publications and example sentences

The Age
· NAB and Victorian state leagues await direction  
The AFL set up a talent pathways subcommittee that includes Hawthorn's Alastair Clarkson, Brisbane's Chris Fagan and Greg Swann, Western Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge, and the AFL's legal counsel Andrew Dillon and head of talent Tristan Salter, although the absence of a list manager initially raised eyebrows.
Financial Express
· USTR 301 investigations: Bad news, but India may have wiggle room  
It is the 2020 ‘expansive’ levy that has raised eyebrows in the international fraternity.
Sports Illustrated
· What Two Current MLB Players Would You Take to Start a Franchise With?  
And if I’m trying to win games now [clears throat and raises an eyebrow in the general direction of the Angels], there is no better starting block.
Sports Illustrated
· Reid Detmers Embraced Brendan McKay Comparisons  
When those comparisons are made to athletes who are among the best in the sport's history, that's when eyebrows start to raise and heads start to turn.
The Diplomat
· Will Pakistan’s Mass Surveillance Strategy Outlive the Pandemic?  
While it remains unclear on how effective the government’s “national security” approach to the virus will be, the move raises eyebrows with regard to privacy and data protection for citizens.
· Protesters face two deadly pandemics, Buffalo police suspended and small businesses suffer  
“We’re lucky a lot of information shows up in the eyes and the eyebrows,” says body language expert Janine Driver, founder and president of the Body Language Institute in Washington, D.C.
Sports Illustrated
· DFW Death of A Youth Sports Prodigy - And The Murder of A Broken Heart  
The fact that Chandler raised eyebrows and lowered his ERA while constantly playing against boys two years older shouldn’t surprise.
The Age
· The 'baby bubble': the original social distancing  
I saw her eyebrows raise up like she was one of those befuddled newborns, trying to figure out where all the noses and mouths had gone.
The Guardian
· Neil Tennant on West End Girls: 'It's about sex and escape. It's paranoid'  
[Audibly raising an eyebrow] It’s not Hey Jude… When She Loves You was No 1, I was nine years old.
The Independent
· World Environment Day: 13 best plastic-free beauty products that aren't adding to landfill  
Currently, its compact bronzing powders, eye shadows, eyebrow powders, eye primers, blushes and shine-up powders are all plastic free – while some items that come in tubes or use wands still use a little plastic, but come in bamboo packaging.