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Ars Technica
· Review: Palm Springs is a fresh, slyly self-aware addition to time loop trope  
Both Nyles and Sarah were damaged and unhappy before they got caught in the loop, and the second half of the film takes on a more earnest, bittersweet tenor, as their facade of pretending not to care starts to crumble.
The New York Times
· Liar, Liar, Nation on Fire  
“Toxic positivity,” the president’s niece Mary Trump calls it in her new family memoir, “Too Much and Never Enough,” which exposes the gruesome underbelly of the president’s gilded facade.
The Guardian
· Lockdown has been a bumpy ride towards rediscovering the joy of our marriage  
We lived in different parts of London and in those early months of our relationship both of us projected the best version of ourselves on to the other, safe in the knowledge we could drop the façade when we returned to our respective homes.
· Coronation Street spoilers: Geoff Metcalfe makes 'fatal' mistake in Yasmeen prison blunder  
Trying to make sure his facade doesn’t slip, Geoff reached out to Yasmeen last night with a proposition for his wife.
Al Jazeera
· Mali anti-gov't rally turns violent as national TV goes off air  
A few kilometres away, other protesters pelted the national assembly with rocks, shattering its glass facade.
The New York Times
· Inside an Eclectic Retreat on Shelter Island  
At first glance, the washed black corrugated steel facade, inspired by the couple’s travels to Japan, might look inscrutable here — too modern, too brutal — and yet it seems perfectly at peace among the tall grasses, Japanese black pines and Hollywood junipers that were planted by the local landscape designer Vickie Cardaro and undulate in the breeze coming in from Gardiners Bay to the east.
Seeking Alpha
· Paraguay - Frontrunner In LATAM Despite Thorny Way  
If we figuratively compare the South American economies with houses, certainly, the Paraguayan economy looks like a simple but enduring cottage, whereas Argentina reminds me a half-rotted mansion with a presentable facade, but a rusted foundation.
Technology Org
· How Europe’s city façades and pavements are being used to harvest clean energy  
The project team estimates that there are some 60 billion square metres of building façade surface in Europe – prime real estate for achieving Europe’s goal of an energy-neutral built environment in 2050.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Democrats’ primaries: Getting ready for Hong Kong’s last free election  
While an “official” election may still occur to maintain a facade of democracy for the international community, the government will use all means to control the election outcome.