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front façade Ön cephe
main façade Ana cephe

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· Fashion revolution as designers rebel against 'wasteful' calendar  
The first cracks in the facade began to appear last month, when Saint Laurent designer Anthony Vaccarello said he was pulling out of Paris fashion week this year.
The Guardian
· The 100 greatest UK No 1s: 100-10  
Behind the simple, perky rock’n’roll facade – “the ultimate fairground anthem”, as writer Bob Stanley put it – there’s something disturbing about Del Shannon’s biggest hit: an eeriness about the rumble of the opening guitar chords and the echoing keyboard solo, a sense the vocal is slightly too impassioned and pained.
· Trump's coronavirus lies and propaganda suggest America needs its own 'perestroika'  
Maintaining this façade of strength and Soviet superiority over capitalism came at the price of widespread starvation and a tragically high body-count.
The China Post
· Taiwan’s most beautiful coffee shop featured on Designboom  
The coffee shop is one of the must-visit places with its greenery dotted on the historical facade.