“Factor” in the news

Example collocations

growth factor
impact factor
important factor
major factor
transcription factor

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· 12 best baby and parenting subscription boxes delivered directly to your door  
We considered a range of factors when testing our boxes: value for money, variety of items, suitability to the age group, and how much use you’re likely to get out of them.
Seeking Alpha
· Inflation, Deflation, And Capacity Utilization - Part 2  
The dynamics of those price movements are due to significantly different factors.
Malay Mail
· George Floyd was infected with Covid-19, autopsy reveals  
NEW YORK, June 4 — George Floyd, whose fatal encounter with Minneapolis police stirred a global outcry over racial bias by US law enforcement, tested positive for the coronavirus, his autopsy showed, but the infection was not listed as a factor in his death.
The Guardian
· Genetics is not why more BAME people die of coronavirus: structural racism is  
Any genetic differences that may predispose you to diabetes are heavily influenced by environmental factors.
Seeking Alpha
· VBL proprietary antibodies show encouraging action in rheumatoid arthritis  
Anti-MOSPD2 showed higher activity than tumor necrosis factor alpha inhibitor (anti-TNF-apha) therapy in the advanced phase of disease.
Seeking Alpha
· General Electric: Losers Stay Losing  
This article was centered around factors such as a stronger balance sheet for Siemens, a more attractive product lineup with more exposure towards higher-growth markets such as Industry 4.0, and a more efficient way of operating the company.
Malay Mail
· Report: AirAsia to lay off 250 staff members following Covid-19 downturn  
Riad was quoted as saying the situation faced by AirAsia is very difficult, with all reduction steps, along with the monitoring of internal and external factors, proving to be insufficient.
The Guardian
· Coronavirus latest: at a glance  
The report noted that the virus was not a contributing factor in his death and that Floyd had no symptoms.
Seeking Alpha
· Late-stage gastric cancer study of Chi-Med's fruquintinib to continue  
Fruquintinib starves tumors of their blood supply via inhibiting vascular endothelial growth factor receptors (VEGFR) 1, 2 & 3, which play key roles in tumor-related angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels).
Malay Mail
· Sterling weakens as Brexit fears remain, risk-off returns  
A no-deal Brexit is not fully factored into the price of sterling at the moment, Jones said.