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bad faith
good faith
lost faith
new faith
religious faith

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Publications and example sentences

Liverpool Echo
· Funny note left on memorial bench for 'gentle giant' dad  
It really hurt us - we lost a lot of faith in the area.
Sports Illustrated
· A Week in the City: Manchester City 1-0 UEFA  
The ones who’ve had to put our complete faith in a bunch of millionaires who we see speak publicly maybe once or twice a year, if that.
Financial Express
· 'Real' Ayodhya in Nepal, Lord Ram was born here, claims Nepal PM KP Oli; BJP slams remark  
Condemning Oli for his remarks, BJP national spokesperson Bizay Sonkar Shastri said that the Left parties even in India played with people’s faith, and the Communists in Nepal will be rejected by the masses in the same way they have been here.
Al Jazeera
· Nigerian migrant worker back home after ordeal in Lebanon  
She said she contemplated suicide, but instead decided to put her faith in God.
The Guardian
· Judge rebukes SFO boss over 'flattering' texts from private detective  
An SFO spokesperson said: “The judge in this case found no evidence that the SFO acted in bad faith, nothing unlawful and nothing to prevent the case proceeding to trial.
The Independent
· Statues of Virgin Mary set on fire and vandalised in Boston and New York  
‘Our image of our lady is so important to us in our faith,’ says pastor John Currie
The Guardian
· 'The coffin is being closed on democracy': Polish liberals despair after Duda's win  
On top of that, many people have lost faith in the legitimacy of our institutions to be an impartial arbiter.
The Guardian
· A 'force of nature' social worker and a nurse who had found his calling: US healthcare workers who died from Covid-19  
A devout Catholic, Milagros “would always bring people back to their faith”, her daughter, Kristine Abellera, said.
Washington Post
· Roger Stone and Jeff Sessions are meeting two very different fates  
You may have noticed that there were no scandalous insider tell-alls written about Barack Obama, and it wasn’t because he rooted out internal enemies and punished those whose faith in him wavered.
The Guardian
· 'I feel there’s hope now': readers on 100 days of Keir Starmer's leadership  
I have no faith in him at all.