Family в новостях

Пример словосочетания

average family Средняя семья
average family size Средний размер семьи
family members Члены семьи
family moved Семья переехала
family size Семейный размер

Публикации и примеры предложений
The Guardian
· Lachlan Murdoch says black lives matter – but did Greg Sheridan get the memo?  
“It is essential that we grieve with the Floyd family, closely listen to the voices of peaceful protest and fundamentally understand that black lives matter.”  Copy example sentence
The Age
· Gretel Packer packs artistic punch with philanthropic ways  
As one of the wealthiest women in the country worth an estimated $1.16 billion, Gretel Packer has always been a quiet force in the Packer family.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· From deputy mayor to town crier: Arron Wood's homelessness journey  
But he had the support of a loving family and that – coupled with meditation to help calm his crushing anxiety – eventually got him through.  Copy example sentence
· New York officers could face suspension after street clashes  
On Thursday, George Floyd’s family held a memorial in Minneapolis, with the Rev.  Copy example sentence
Sports Illustrated
· Wyoming Cowgirl Senior Spotlight Shines on Distance Runner Ashley Bock  
My favorite memories to look back on as a student-athlete are the ones that include backyard barbeques and potlucks with my friends from the team, as well as the opportunities to babysit my coach’s kids and get to know their families as well.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Trump Campaign Removes Space Video That Violated NASA Ad Rules  
The campaign to re-elect President Trump pulled SpaceX, NASA and astronauts and their families into a campaign video that appeared to violate the space agency’s advertising regulations.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· What We Know About the Shooting Death of Ahmaud Arbery  
“The family, the community and the state of Georgia deserve answers.”  Copy example sentence
The Age
· Out of the ashes: how a week of protests changed America  
Since early March, most Americans have been living under a form of lockdown, starved of social contact outside their family and close friends.  Copy example sentence
Financial Express
· Perfetti Van Melle India's Rajesh Ramakrishnan on life beyond work  
Dinner is usually with the family.  Copy example sentence