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feasibility studies Fizibilite çalışmaları
feasibility study Fizibilite çalışması

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The Guardian
· Government rejected radical lockdown of England's care homes  
While some care providers had reservations about its feasibility, one care industry source said: “If there was 24-hour pay, you would have had a flood of applications.”
· ICC defers T20 World Cup discussion, English domestic season delayed  
The governing body is continuing preparations for the tournament, currently scheduled to begin on Oct. 18, although speculation is mounting about its feasibility in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The New York Times
· Who Should Bear the Financial Brunt of the Coronavirus in Baseball?  
The sides agreed then to “discuss in good faith the economic feasibility of playing games in the absence of spectators.” To that end, baseball wants a sliding scale of salaries in which the lowest-paid players take the smallest pay cut, and the highest-paid players the largest.
· A Common Thread, the CFDA/Vogue COVID-19 Relief Fund, Awards $2.2 Million to Designers, Retailers, and Factories  
And the applications were judged on a set of criteria: need, viability and feasibility (basically how good of an idea the business is and how likely it is to succeed), geography, and social and cultural relevance.
The Guardian
· Israel seeks quarantine-free travel with Australia by December as gateway to Europe  
The feasibility of such a bubble would depend on the containment and avoidance of any second wave in either country, and would hinge on the successful removal of the 14-day quarantine period between Australia and New Zealand, Sofer said.