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fence around Огородить
iron fence Железный забор
perimeter fence Ограждение
picket fence Забор
wire fence Ограда из проволоки

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· 48 hours left on early-bird savings to Buy Disrupt 2020  
Still on the fence?
Washington Post
· AP-Sportlight-Week Ahead  
2008 — Mariel Zagunis leads a U.S. sweep of the women’s saber fencing for the first American medals of the Beijing Games.
Washington Post
· Virginia parks are seeing a rise in popularity - and damage  
Falling Spring Falls, a scenic waterfall in western Virginia, has been “inundated with visitors.” But some are scaling a security fence and trying to reach the falls to take photos.
· 'It Lowers Your Blood Pressure': Spend A Few Moments With These Hypnotic Trees  
Trees in Manhattan grow with little metal fences around their bottoms.
The Independent
· Coronavirus: US used pandemic as pretext to deport more than 2,000 unaccompanied children, lawyers say  
Based on his description, it appears he and his sister were detained at the Border Patrol's central processing centre in McAllen, Texas, where children and adults are separated into large cages of chain-link fencing.
Sports Illustrated
· Play-by-Play Broadcasters Reveal Their All-Time Favorite Sports Calls  
The fact that when the ball was hit you were not sure it was going to clear the fence made it even better.
The Diplomat
· North Korea Steps up Its War on COVID-19  
Extra wire fencing has been installed to try and prevent smuggling from taking place.
Washington Post
· The new Eisenhower Memorial is stunning, especially at night. But is this the last of the ‘great man’ memorials?  
Yet with the exception of some trees that need to be replaced, the memorial is essentially finished, and although the public can’t wander through it now, it is easily seen through and above the surrounding fence.
The Guardian
· 'Why can't I be legal anywhere?': exploited and left stateless by Sweden  
This gateway to Europe is marked with high razor wire fences and monitored by drones.
The New York Times
· Outdoor Space or an Extra Bedroom? Two Manhattan Renters on a Budget Have to Choose.  
This one-bedroom had 12-foot ceilings and plenty of prewar detail, including original moldings, plus an outdoor terrace with wood floors bordered by a latticed fence.