Haberlerde Festival

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annual festival Yıllık festival
festival held Festival düzenlendi
festival was held Festival düzenlendi
film festival Film festivali
music festival Müzik festivali

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The New York Times
· The Drive-In Theater: Keeping Drama Alive During the Lockdown  
Within days he had founded “Art Parking,” a festival that ended up including both the drive-in theater and a drive-in cinema a few miles across town.
The Age
· How COVID-19 is affecting music festivals of the future  
Festival organisers have been urged to find innovative solutions to crowding problems and get their proposals to governments sooner rather than later, as event dates edge closer.
The Guardian
· It's what people turn to': Lauren Laverne, Iain Dale and others on why radio is thriving in lockdown  
No gigs, no plays, no clubs, no classes, no festivals.
The Age
· Tips and race-by-race preview for Dubbo on Monday  
Festival Of Light has a 50 per cent winning strike rate at this track, and won two of his last three, both times charging home from midfield here.
The Guardian
· The Vast of Night review – mesmerising retro sci-fi  
Director Andrew Patterson works low-budget wonders in his audacious feature debut, a 50s-set oddity that won the audience prize at last year’s Slamdance festival and was recently programmed for some socially distanced drive-in screenings in the US, doubtless adding a fittingly retro feel.
The Guardian
· Stuck at home with teens? Here are a few distraction tactics…  
From school to festivals, young people are missing so much – and all they get for their troubles is to spend more timewith their parents
The Guardian
· Burgers, fries and roller-skating waiters: the drive-in movie comes to UK stately homes  
In normal times he runs a music festival business in Europe and New Zealand, but has also lined up a season of drive-ins at 12 sites up and down Britain, spurred on by their success in Denmark and Germany.
The Atlantic
· Are They Police Departments or Armies?  
The last major “public disturbance” in the area had been during the 2001 Testicle Festival, more than a decade earlier.
The Age
· These Digital Times review: Mixed results fording the streaming divide  
Don't get me wrong, These Digital Times is a marvellous initiative by Melbourne International Jazz Festival in the current context, but the Parlato/Guiliana duo struggled to become airborne without an audience – unlike Stock, led by Melbourne saxophonist/composer Julien Wilson, which was aided no end by having a stage and lights – remember them?
· Racing under starters orders on road to redemption  
Criticised for pressing ahead with the Cheltenham Festival as the pandemic took hold in March racing now finds itself in the news in an altogether more positive light.