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began a feud
feud against
feud between
started a feud
storyline feud

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Bleacher Report
· Pat McAfee vs. Adam Cole Set for NXT TakeOver XXX After Triple H's Challenge  
Triple H is about to be on ESPN's Get Up to discuss the Pat McAfee-Adam Cole feud, so it'd be tough to argue this isn't getting mainstream attention.
Sports Illustrated
· The Genius of Brooks Koepka: Inside the Most Powerful Force at the PGA Championship  
There are specific reasons for their feud, but their personalities are so different that the specific reasons might not matter.
Washington Post
· AP Explains: Is a Trump White House acceptance speech legal?  
All four days of the Republican National Convention were planned for Charlotte, North Carolina, until Trump feuded with the state’s Democratic governor over coronavirus health restrictions.
· Good Girls season 2 recap: What happened in the last series of Good Girls?  
DON'T MISS...Christine Quinn feud: Was Chrishell invited to Christine's wedding?
The New York Times
· Why Influencers Won’t Stop Partying Anytime Soon  
Drama channels and tea accounts, which fuel and chronicle the feuds and scandals of the internet-famous, repackage the highlights and point out notable guests.
The China Post
· Report: Many suspects in mass attacks experienced stressors  
Those included feuds with neighbors, bullying, being in debt or not being able to find gainful employment.
The New Republic
· The Fall of the NRA  
The feud came to a head at the NRA’s annual convention in April 2019, when NRA president and Ackerman ally Oliver North reportedly threatened LaPierre with an embarrassing letter, detailing sexual harassment charges, accusations of improper wardrobe expenses, and excessive staff travel, if LaPierre, the longtime face of the NRA, didn’t resign.
· Selling Sunset: Why did Mary and Heather fight at Christine's wedding? Star reveals all  
Quinn and Stause have been open about their feud, and Stause has even blocked Quinn on Instagram.
Bleacher Report
· Who Are the Greatest Mic Workers in WWE, WCW History?  
His ability to adapt from feud to feud, while never losing his passion, makes him one of the best to ever hold a mic on a pro wrestling show.