“Feud” in the news

Example collocations

began a feud
feud against
feud between
started a feud
storyline feud

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· Transparency around government decision-making is another casualty of Covid-19  
Combet – one of Labor’s brightest stars – had burned out during the leadership feud between Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, and with the grinding effort of legislating a carbon price in a minority parliament.
Bleacher Report
· Brock Lesnar's Reported Return, MVP's WWE Status and Jinder Mahal Injury Update  
WWE seemed to be building Mahal up for a big push and there was some thought that he would enter into a feud with McIntyre since they are real-life friends and previously teamed together as part of 3MB.
The New York Times
· Prague Says Ricin Plot Was a Hoax, and Moves to Expel 2 Russians  
Prime Minister Andrej Babis of the Czech Republic said a feud between employees of the Russian Embassy had led to “made-up information about a planned attack on Czech politicians.”
The Guardian
· Czechs expel two Russian diplomats over fake poisoning plot  
Allegations of a Russian poisoning plot against the mayor of Prague were invented by Russian diplomats during an internal feud, the Czech prime minister said, as he expelled two Russian embassy officials.
Sports Illustrated
· NBA Should Support Players In Any Way They Decide to Protest  
He feuds with fans.
The China Post
· Scuffles and tear gas at Zimbabwe opposition headquarters  
He accused the government of taking sides in the internal feud to destroy his “popular movement” while promoting “a pliant opposition.”
Sports Illustrated
· DFW Death of A Youth Sports Prodigy - And The Murder of A Broken Heart  
This particular family feud featured three three-member teams playing a scramble at the local course, Dogwood Hills.
Bleacher Report
· Adam Cole Ranks and Dishes on His Best Matches and Moments as WWE NXT Champion  
Cole and Gargano went to great lengths to capture the aggressive nature of their feud and did a terrific job of giving fans what they wanted.
The Guardian
· This week's home entertainment: from I May Destroy You to Betty  
Released at the peak of lockdown-fuelled discontent comes both seasons of this archetypal family feud drama.
· Qatar completes third World Cup stadium  
DOHA: Qatar announced the completion of its third stadium for the 2022 World Cup, state media reported late Thursday (Jun 4), as the emirate prepared to mark three years of a regional feud.