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fiction novel
fiction television
science fiction
science fiction novel
science fiction television

Publications and example sentences

The China Post
· SpaceX’s 1st astronaut launch breaking new ground for style  
The color coordinating is thanks to Elon Musk, the driving force behind both SpaceX and Tesla, and a big fan of flash and science fiction.
The New York Times
· Memorial Day, Testing, Hong Kong: Your Weekend Briefing  
Our Books reporter dove into the fan fiction realm known as the Omegaverse.
The New York Times
· Trump Sows Doubt on Voting. It Keeps Some People Up at Night.  
Outraged by Mr. Trump and fearful that he might try to disrupt the campaign before, during and after Election Day, they are engaged in a process that began in the realm of science fiction but has nudged closer to reality as Mr. Trump and his administration abandon longstanding political norms.
The Independent
· The true story of Queen Victoria’s friendship with Abdul Karim  
“The thing is, it’s not fiction — it’s fact.
The Guardian
· Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld review – Hill minus Bill  
The first surprise of the novel is how gripping it is; the second is how worthy its protagonist is as a subject for fiction.
Financial Express
· Book Review- The Future Is Faster Than You Think: Future not so forward  
Jules Verne and Vernians could go a step ahead in thinking what technology could entail, but given that it was only in the late Nineteenth century that scientists and ‘wizards’, as some would call them, started using electricity, even their fiction had limits.
The New York Times
· Why Does the U.S. Military Celebrate White Supremacy?  
The white supremacist who murdered nine black churchgoers in Charleston, S.C., five years ago dispensed with the fiction that the Confederate battle flag was an innocuous symbol of “Southern pride.” A murderer’s manifesto describing the killings as the start of a race war — combined with photos of the killer brandishing a pistol and a rebel flag — made it impossible to ignore the connection between Confederate ideology and a blood-drenched tradition of racial terrorism that dates back to the mid-19th century in the American South.
· Stanley Tucci’s bookshelf is too messy, says celebrity book curator Thatcher Wine  
Fiction is a technology designed to help us feel our emotions, and god, do I have a lot to feel these days.
The Guardian
· The English towers and landmarks that inspired Tolkien's hobbit sagas  
Tolkien began to work this story into his developing Middle-earth fiction, finally planting rival edifices on the Tower Hills on the west of his imaginary “Shire” and also drawing on memories of other real towers that stand in the Cotswolds and above Bath.