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fierce battle
fierce competition
fierce fighting
fierce opposition
fierce resistance

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The Independent
· Outdoor pools: Everything you need to swim outside as they reopen  
It doesn't have to be a solo activity either, there are also communities to join such as Rise Fierce, founded by cold-water swimmer, Sophie Hellyer.
Washington Post
· Let’s make it rain for Starz’s ‘P-Valley,’ an evocative and entertaining series about a Southern strip club  
Her fierce determination to retire as a pole dancer vexes the boss who sees her as one of his finest creations; they both lead with tough swagger, but are each also struggling with emotional insecurities and the economic precipice that defines their world.
The Guardian
· Médecins Sans Frontières is 'institutionally racist', say 1,000 insiders  
The statement follows fierce internal debate about racism and the Black Lives Matter movement.
The New York Times
· These ‘Bible Belt’ Voters Rejected a Fundamentalist. In the Bronx.  
Rubén Díaz Sr., a Democrat by tenuous affiliation and a Pentecostal minister by passion and training, has held to fierce opinions inimical to New York’s view of itself.
The Age
· Sharks pick apart Panthers' passion in search of an edge  
The Eels, who are first on the ladder by a point, face the Knights in a fierce battle in Newcastle.
· What's in a name? Banks count cost of loans in NMC collapse  
Competition for customers is also fierce, with over 50 banks in the UAE, a country of 9.4 million people.
Seeking Alpha
· Lowe's Vs. Home Depot: A Successful Duopoly  
Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they are fierce competitors or just sneaky partners, pretending each business setup is stronger than the other.
· Long road ahead for fully self-driving cars, despite Tesla claim  
Tesla is in a fierce race with tech firms and other automakers for the lead in self-driving technology.
The Japan Times
· Seoul mayor Park Won-soon found dead on Friday after massive search  
SEOUL – Park Won-soon, the three-term mayor of South Korea’s capital, a fierce critic of economic inequality who was seen as a potential presidential candidate in 2022, was found dead early Friday.
Washington Post
· Mayor of South Korean capital found dead after 7-hour search  
Park also established himself as a fierce opponent of former conservative President Park Geun-hye and openly supported the millions of people who flooded the city’s streets in late 2016 and 2017 calling for her ouster over a corruption scandal.