Fight en las noticias

Colocaciones de ejemplo

fight against Luchar contra
fight between Luchar entre
fight via Luchar a través de
lost the fight Perdió la pelea
won the fight Ganó la pelea

Publicaciones y oraciones de ejemplo
The Guardian
· Seated and subdued Cummings makes play for public's sympathy  
His wife was ill, and he too might well have contracted coronavirus, but at the same time he was indispensable to the fight against the virus and wanted to go back to Downing Street.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Utah man faces murder charge after allegedly stabbing Tinder date in his home  
The woman attempted to fight back, according to court records.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Defiant Dominic Cummings ‘does not regret’ lockdown trip to Durham amid public and Tory anger  
A defiant Dominic Cummings said he did not regret driving 260 miles during lockdown and that he still believed his journey was 'reasonable' as he broke his silence to fight for his political career.  Copy example sentence
The China Post
· In Bolsonaro’s Brazil, everyone else is to blame for virus  
Weeks after praising chloroquine and directing the Army to ramp up production, Bolsonaro admitted last week that there is no scientific evidence of its effectiveness, but said the nation is “at war,” and it is better to fight and lose than not fight at all.  Copy example sentence
· Boxing: Holyfield open to third Tyson fight for charity  
UNITED STATES: Former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield has said he is open to facing one-time rival Mike Tyson in a trilogy fight for charity on the condition that Tyson asks for the bout to be set up.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· Germany takes Lufthansa stake in landmark $15b bailout  
German newspaper Handelsblatt reported that Chancellor Angela Merkel had said that Berlin would fight to ensure that remedies were not too stringent.  Copy example sentence
The Verge
· Amazon’s Kindle and Echo team now working on the company’s COVID-19 testing project  
So far, Amazon’s re-purposing of existing tech and hardware groups to fight COVID-19 have produced results.  Copy example sentence
· French doctor defiant on hydroxychloroquine despite study  
Macron met Raoult at his hospital in April as the president canvassed opinion about the next policy steps to make in the fight against the coronavirus.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· WHO halts hydroxychloroquine trial for coronavirus amid safety fears  
The WHO, to whom the US theoretically contributes roughly 10-15% of its budget as its largest contributor, has been appealing for an extra $1bn to help fight the coronavirus.  Copy example sentence