Haberlerde Figure

Örnek kollokasyonlar

figure skater Artistik patinajcı
figure skating Artistik patinaj
key figure Anahtar figür
leading figure Baş figür
political figure Siyasi figür

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The China Post
· Virus exposes sharp economic divide: College vs. non-college  
Census Bureau figures show that the average college graduate’s income is twice as high as high school-only workers.
The Independent
· Today's Antifa-obsessed hard right politicians are rehashing the ideas of 1930s fascists  
Figures on the hard right across the English speaking world have taken up Trump’s portrayal of Antifa as terrorism, with Conservative Party of Canada candidate Derek Sloan announcing on Twitter that he would also designate Antifa as terrorists if made prime minister.
Seeking Alpha
· What If The Stock Market Is Exactly Right?  
What if we got our V-shaped stock market recovery which pulled recovery style prices into the present and now prices more or less flat line in the future (see figure 1)?
Seeking Alpha
· MacroView: Rationalizing High Valuations Won't Improve Outcomes  
Lastly, one figure that is hard to fudge or manipulate is sales.
The Independent
· Trump shares Candace Owens interview saying ‘George Floyd was not a good person’  
On Friday, the president was subject to widespread condemnation for invoking Mr Floyd’s name as he touted US jobs figures, saying the 46-year-old father of five was “looking down” and “saying this is a great day”.
The New York Times
· How to Navigate Your Community Reopening? Remember the Four C’s  
If you don’t have a thermometer (they can be pricey these days), there are other ways to figure out if you have a fever, or are at risk of Covid-19 complications.
The Guardian
· Watford's Andre Gray: 'It's not just about George Floyd. We are still judged and stereotyped by police here'  
Gray is a student of black American history, the subject has fascinated him for some years and the story of how he has tattooed the entirety of his back with images of famous figures has been well told.
The Age
· Star's $700,000 payout: The story Paul Gallen didn't want you to read  
Does a person, who some want to paint as a key figure in the supplements program, get that kind of payment?
The Age
· Why so defensive? The Australian ego is fragile on the question of racism  
The figures are unacceptably and shockingly high.
The Age
· There's more to activism than Instagram black squares  
It's been a perplexing time for public figures on social media as the #BlackoutTuesday campaign cranked up last week.