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before finding Bulmadan önce
difficulty finding Bulmakta zorluk
finding new Yeni bulmak
finding work Iş bulmak
hopes of finding Bulma umutları

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Seeking Alpha
· Informative Insider Purchasing Activity - Weekly Update (05/22/20-05/29/20)  
Following insider purchases can help with that as they invest based on undervaluation and/or superior insider information and significantly outperform the market (see list below for the most important findings).
Financial Express
· 57% worried of high-priced COVID-19 treatment in private hospitals, says survey  
He added that the findings of the survey would be submitted to the Union health ministry so that action can be taken against the concerns raised by people.
Financial Express
· 28% of COVID-19 cases in India till April 30 are asymptomatic: Study  
The findings stated that the proportion of confirmed cases was highest among asymptomatic contacts, two-three-fold higher than among those with severe acute respiratory infection (SARI), those with an international travel history or healthcare workers, Murhekar said.
Technology Org
· Environmentally friendly production of mandelic acid  
In a broader context, the findings underscore the vast catalytic potential of enzymes and demonstrate that well-known enzymes can have novel, very useful activities.
The China Post
· A year later, motive of Virginia mass shooting still unclear  
That has angered Nixon and others, who say they will be looking to the findings of a state commission being formed to examine the shooting.
The Guardian
· Science Weekly in the pandemic: 'Every day you wake up to a discovery'  
I also think reports of people experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 for many weeks or even months are important – increasingly so as time goes on – as are the findings that men and BAME communities are at greater risk from the disease.
Seeking Alpha
· Altria Represents One Of The Safest Ultra-High Yields You Can Find Today  
It also confirms the findings of Ben Graham and David Dodd.
Seeking Alpha
· Sector Spotlight: Manufactured Housing REITs  
Actual results may differ materially from our forecasts or estimations, and 2MCAC and its affiliates cannot be held liable for the use of and reliance upon the opinions, estimates, forecasts and findings in this article.
Financial Express
· India should prepare more for Corona spike with migrants and stranded Indians coming back home  
There is a lot of variations in these findings.
The Independent
· Coronavirus: Company behind leading vaccine candidate criticised for ‘appalling’ lack of transparency  
Of the 45 patients involved in Phase 1 of the trials, findings have only been released for eight subjects.